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HU1115 Evaluation: Course Evaluation

Student End of Course Evaluation Form Content
for Weber State University Library Science Classes

Please Note: This shows the content of the evlauation form only. The Snap software program Web forms are used to collect and analyze data. The Internet Navigator form is slightly different.

Course Name:                          Instructor:

Section:                        Semester:                                    Year

Strongly Agree | Agree | Somewhat agree | Somewhat disagree | Disagree | Strongly disagree   

Answer each question by marking the letter according to above scale

1. The course objectives were met      


2. The course materials were helpful in meeting course objectives                 


3. Assignments contributed to student understanding of the subject matter


4. This course added to my knowledge of the subject 


5. The objectives of the course were clearly stated  

6. The instructor was organized  

7. The instructor presented course content effectively 

8. The instructor encouraged student discussion and participation 

9. The instructor was enthusiastic about the subject of the course

10. The instructor was available for consultation with students 

11. The instructor treated students with respect 

12. Work was graded according to announced guidelines 

13. The instructor used class time effectively 

14. The instructor stimulated a desire for further learning 

15. The instructor used different methods to interest and involve students in learning 

16. Overall, this was an effective instructor 

17. Overall, this was an effective course 

Please complete the additional items below. These are very important for helping the faculty improve this course.

List two things that made this course work for you

List two things that would improve the course

List two things the instructor did well

List two things the instructor could do better

Thank you very much for your input

Updated March 13, 2009 . Please send comments to Carol Hansen
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