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Information Literacy Program: Program Assessment Plan

(Draft 09/25/2002 )

Priority Outcomes  How Assessed 
(measures and criteria)
(data and reports)
Sustaining Outcome:  Provide a comprehensive instruction program for WSU students including, for credit, online and on demand instruction in order to graduate students with information literacy competencies.

In Addition program will:

Address ACRL Best Practices for Information Literacy.









An assessment plan will be developed for each type of instruction in order to continually improve instruction. 

Assessment by team of team activities will take place in team meetings and through an annual survey.

Assessment of faculty/staff will occur each year through the Evaluation Criteria: Instruction Service, an by the University Librarian's annual review.

Team/program goals and objectives are developed and assessed each year using the ACRL Best Practices document.

Additional feedback is regularly requested from our many partners within each type of instruction.

A Graduating seniors survey (done annually by the WSU Assessment committee)

A library wide biennial faculty survey.

All assessment will be used for ongoing planning and program improvement

Assessment data from assessment plans developed for each type of instruction will be used to continually improve the  program, including for credit student end of course evaluations 

Team annual report will summarize how effectively team met annual goals each year. Including data from the following sources:

Library annual report will provide results of biennial faculty survey.

WSU Provosts Office will distribute results of Graduating Seniors survey.



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