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Thursday October 5, 2000

Attendees: Carol, Jill, Wade, Evan, Art, Joan, Ruby, Fran and Shaun

Excused: Lonna


Systems projects for classrooms, upgrades of hardware and software: Systems will upgrade 138 over Christmas and find and install a better quality classroom management software program as Lanskool has stopped functioning. Systems is still working on fixing a couple of problem stations in 31, all others are working to g

MSIE is disallowing access to numerous pages easily accessable in netscape in both classrooms. Carol will ask Chris to provide an answer for team

English Dept Feedback: Carol met yesterday with Gary Dohrer, Sally Shigley (currently over 2010) and new faculty member David Sumner (will be over 2010 next year). They are all very pleased with the 2010 sessions and ask us to keep up the good work.

Non traditional student drop in day care: Carol announced this service now available fro students from 6:45 am to 2:30 PM in the UB Non Tradtional student services center.


Draft Instruction staffing needs plan: Carol discussed planning assumptions and there seemed to be agreement that this plan will work, taking into consideration staff changes and pressure to meet the needs of the information literacy requirement. As a follow up Carol called Carol La Pine in TBE to ask how many students had failed the ILC exam, for example, in Spring 2000:

49 students registered for exam

1 person took exam 4 times

2 people took the exam 2 times

9 people were no shows

Draft 2001/2002 teaching schedule- Carol encouraged faculty to give her specific details of when they would like to teach so she will have that in advance for Kathy Thiriot to enter. Carol encouraged faculty to volunteer for overload as they have the time and interest.

Subject Specific instruction: Joan discussed some planning issues. Ruby suggested we create a form to get feedback from faculty we do sessions for. Wade suggested a short evaluation form developed with quantitative rankings to use for Subj. Specific sessions. Carol will develop draft forms and distribute to the team next week.

Exam for History majors testing out of 2201: This will be discussed at a future meeting. Carol prefer to let them pass the ILC exam and not do a separate exam. Team wants to compare tests used.

Instruction team goals for this academic year

The team decided on the following 0bjectives for the goal to continue to improve and assess instruction

1)Obtain assessment data for 10% of all subject specific sessions

2)Develop a consistent Research Guide Format

3)Develop more research guides according to consistent format

4)Work with Alan Livingston on an automated classroom calendar

5)Participate in 3 instruction team training sessions this year, suggestions included

a)frontpage lab with garth

b)Pagemaker workshop

c)Advanced powerpoint

d) javascript or pearl?

e) Digital media and streaming video

Carol will follow up on scheduling these, one for fall and two for spring

Consistent Research Guides format: Carol will continue to work with garth on this and forward graphics to team for approval. Carol will ask Garth to add alternative text to each image in image map on menu box graphics. She will change wording on Web from Subject Guides to Research Guides. Carol and Ruby will discuss options for continued access to Gov Docs with Lonna. Bibliographers may also of course develop printed (non Web) handouts and guides as needed.

As may arise

1) Keeping track of number of times classroom's are booked. Someone mentioned that Mike Vause isn't using the classroom he has scheduled. Fran will follow up. Carol has asked Kathy Thiriot to add a little note at the bottom of the Instruction data form for measuring the number of times we need a room and can't get one because they are booked in a month. (AND she has already done it!!)

Fran mentioned students are using Current Contents station for Email, she's talked to Chris and he will follow up.

That's all! Send any additions or changes to Carol. Thanks

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Updated March 13, 2009 . Please send comments to Carol
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