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Library Instruction Team Annual Planning Calendar


Please note, none of these dates are set in stone, this is just a guide to help us remember to complete important tasks that occur each year, or each semester. Instruction team will also use the WSU Academic Calendar.


  • 2010/FYE update and training for instruction team 

  • Instruction faculty review latest draft Library Teaching Schedule for next academic year


  • Team uses assessment data, makes notes on problems, suggestions regarding 2010/FYE instruction presentation and exercise, and classroom issues in order to continuously improve these sessions


  • Email sent to all 2010/FYE faculty asking for feedback and suggestions on sessions

  • Team assesses 2010/FYE instruction and makes changes for next semester

  • Team makes recommendations to Systems regarding classroom hardware software needs

  • Provide input to Joan on individual instruction goals and evaluation criteria for instruction faculty and staff for her annual review of faculty


  • Untangling the Web Fall Schedule prepared (Discontinued)

  • English 2010/FYE letter and schedule for Summer and Fall sent to  instruction team and 2010/FYE faculty 

  • 2010 and FYE curriculum prepared for summer and fall

  • Summer and Fall semester classroom schedules prepared

  • Review Instruction Program mission and assessment plan

  • Instruction evaluation forms assessed and revised

    • Student end of course evaluation form

    • Student Subject specific session evaluation form

    • 2010 and FYE student evaluation/feedback forms

  • Instruction faculty set annual instruction goals for the next academic year 

  • Instruction team assesses annual team goals for past year

  • Instruction team discusses and develops draft annual team goals for coming year


  • Classrooms updated by Systems according to team feedback

  • Information literacy competency exam assessed and revised

  • Instruction team intranet assessed and revised

  • Maintain classrooms (supplies, door signs)

  • FARs due a few days after last day of finals. Instruction faculty will describe and/or provide examples of teaching innovations, reflections, training, etc.

  • Instruction team/program annual report completed by end of May or sooner.


  • Happy Holidays!


  • Work with Reference to get general library brochures/handouts printed for 2010/FYE's for coming academic year


  • Maintain classrooms (supplies, door signs)

  • Send reminder to FYE and 2010 instructors

  • Set instruction team meeting schedule for year

  • 2010/FYE update and training for instruction team 

  • 2010/FYE update and training for 2010/FYE faculty

  • Instruction data form assessed and revised

  • Instruction team/program goals established for academic year

    • including possible training sessions planned for team for the year


  • Team assesses 2010/FYE instruction and makes changes for next semester


  • Prepare draft Library Teaching Schedule for next academic year

  • Staffing needs planned for next academic year


  • FYE/1020 Schedule to instruction team and to 2010/FYE faculty

  • FYE/1020 Letter to 2010/FYE faculty

  • Untangling the Web Schedule for Spring semester (Discontinued)

  • Spring semester classroom schedules prepared

  • Review course catalog descriptions, send in any changes

  • Review instruction team policies and procedures

  • Review instruction faculty performance expectations

  • Review instruction faculty evaluation criteria

  • Review instruction assessment plans


  •  Classrooms updated by Systems according to team feedback

  • Plan a Spring workshop for team (note ULA, ACRL, UALC and Eccles info fair as possible conflicting dates)

  • Maintain classrooms (supplies, door signs)

  • Check meeting schedule for Spring semester 


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