Quiz to Test Your Knowledge


Information Literacy is a skill that you will use during your entire life.
Your topic is immigration. What are some of the steps in the research process that you might use to refine your topic and make it more manageable?
Analyze exactly what information you will need depending on the type of paper you will write
Read more about immigration to see if there is a specific aspect that you are interested in.
Write your topic as a focused research question.
All of the above
Which of the following is a focused research topic?
Pets and the elderly
Benefits of pet ownership
What are the positive health/emotional benefits owning a pet has on an elderly person?
For the following research topic, which keyword groupings would be most effective in conducting a search?

What effect does birth order have on the relationship between a married couple?

Birth order, relationship, marriage
Birth order
Marriage, married
Relationship, effect, marriage
The following are characteristics of which type of source?

glossy, advertisements, written by journalists, directed towards the general public

You have a question about searching an article database. Which library service would help you the most?
Interlibrary Loan
Using the AND Boolean operator:
Reduces the number of results
Increases the number of results
Has no effect on your search
The + symbol is equivalent to the AND operator when conducting a search using some search engines.
A library catalog helps you locate materials in a particular library.
To find whether or not this article is available either electronically (using the electronic journals list) or in print (using the library catalog) in the Stewart Library you would search for:

Harrison, C.  Giftedness in Early Childhood:  The Search for Complexity and ConnectionRoeper Review v. 26 no. 2 (Winter 2004) p. 78-84Peer Reviewed

Harrison, C.
Giftedness in Early Childhood
Roeper Review
None of the above
A diary entry is an example of a ____________________ source.
To find information about learning styles and course design, an appropriate search statement would be:
Learning style* AND course design
Learning style* OR course design
Learning style* NOT course design