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General Library and Internet Instruction Sessions-Fall 1999

Untangling the Web
At The Library

Tuesdays 1:30 to 2:25 PM Fall 2001
WSU Stewart Library Classroom 138 Main Level

Everyone is invited to enjoy these fun, free and useful sessions

We welcome your comments and suggestions for future sessions. See links to previous sessions

September 18 Getting Connected at Home  
Wade Kotter, Stewart Library

Learn how to choose hardware, software, an Internet Service Provider, and how to access library databases from home.

September 25 Using the Internet for Academic Research
Shaun Adamson, Stewart Library

Want to get an A on your next term paper? Learn strategies for finding the best resources for academic research.

October 2        Legal Information on the Web
Kathy Payne and Lonna Rivera, Stewart Library             

Find out about useful sources of legal information on the Web.

October 9        Perspectives on Power
Alicia Giralt, College of Arts and Humanities and 
                             Carol Hansen,  Stewart library

The College of Arts and Humanities has selected "Perspectives on Power" as their theme for this semester. Explore a variety of Web sites reflecting on "Perspectives on Power."

October 16     Plagiarism Resources for Faculty 
                             Jill Newby, Stewart Library

Take a look at some of the sites used to help faculty identify plagiarized work.  

October 23        Utah: State and Local History
                             John Sillito, Stewart Library

Visit Web sites providing information on Utah history, local history and  on Ogden as we celebrate Ogden's Sesquicentennial.

October 30      Technical Writing Resources on the Web
                             Becky Jo McShane, English Department

Catch a glimpse of technical writing in the 21st century. Explore the wide world of information design and development on the web.

November 6   The 2002 Winter Olympics
                             Molly Smith, 
                             Health Promotion and Human Performance Department

Get a head start on all the details of the Olympics. View the best Web sites for Winter 2002 coverage.

See links to previous sessions you may have missed. Please let us know what you think about our workshops, and please send suggestions for future workshop topics.


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