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Food & Cooking


                    by Ruby Licona


Looking for information on food and cooking on the Web can be dangerous. . . to your health, time and pocketbook!   Granted, there are healthy cooking sites, but the other ones look so much tastier.  And you can spend soooooooo much  time and money looking around on specialty food and kitchen equipment sites. . .  Forewarned is forearmed, so proceed with caution.

Granddaddy Sites:

epicurious FOOD for people who eat (  Allows you to set up a personal recipe box, search recipes, access to Epicurious Television, Gourmet and Bon Appetit magazines, cooking basics, a food dictionary, etiquette, weekly cookbook reviews, restaurant recipes. . .

iVillage food (  Menu maker gives you all the information you need to get dinner on the table in 30 unbelievable  minutes or less, also suggests daily menus. "Ask the ....." columns allow the posing of questions to bakers, cooks, nutritionists, and dieticians.  There's also a "Dilemma of the Week"  to which we can all relate and $$$$ saving suggestions and coupons.

Cooking (  Great site that gives you a recipe accompanied by a suggested menu, the appropriate wines, and if a recipe call for a special piece of equipment, will tell you where/how it can be purchased.  Allows for product/brand searches.   Cooking school section provides a glossary of ingredients, equipment or techniques.

Holiday Sites:

Thanksgiving Recipes ( Everything you ever wanted to know about how to roast a turkey, cran a cranberry, or deal with tons of leftovers.   Great links for information on what to do if your guests don't eat meat.   Cooking hints , featured recipes, several complete menu choices.  Links to

Aristotle's Thanksgiving site ( Magically turn leftovers into gourmet meals.  Find out how to set a pretty table, send Thanksgiving cards inline, get information on the Macy's parade or link to the Butterball page for a last-minute rescue for your holiday feast.  You can also link to the Great Pumpkin Recipe Page for pumpkin soup or pumpkin pancakes!

Christmas Recipes ( This site is also from Get a leg-up on planning your Christmas meals---for Christmas dinner, parties, whatever.  Or, if you have no idea what to plan, try playing Christmas recipe roulette and see what fun menu the site recommends for you. will also be opening will be available in the near future.

Hanukkah Recipes (  A great site for learning all about the significance of Hanukkah and the foods that are traditionally served to celebrate it!  While most of the recipes seem pretty authentic, there has been some present-day license exercised - for example, there is a recipe for potato latkes, but, there is also one for sweet-potato latkes.

Store Sites:

many stores have websites, these are just a couple of good ones to look at first.

Williams - Sonoma ( Great place to shop for equipment, find recipes and how-to information for things like how to make a perfect food-processor pie crust.   Provides great gift ideas and seasonal features and promotions.  Also sells some specialty foods.

Dean and DeLuca ( site is a gourmet/gourmand's delight!!  One can order everything from soup to nuts here -- caviar, meats from the butcher shop, vinegars, truffles, chocolates and candies, herbs and spices, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera!  You'll also find gifts and just about any kind of kitchenware you can think up.

Shopping for Food:

There are many ways to buy food on the net:  look for sites on any of the internet directory/search engine shopping links under  food, gourmet, diet, nutrition, etc.  And check out any addresses you may find in women's and cooking magazines -- some of the sites are lots of fun to look at even if you don't order anything.  There are places where you can order ingredients and there are ones where you can order full meals already prepared:

Homesick Gourmets/Gourmands (  This is the place, especially for those among us who lament not being able to buy certain foods to which we became addicted when living in another region of the country!  One can find a webpage to order seafood from the Gulfcoast, Eli's Cheesecake or Giordano's Pizza from Chicago, TastyKakes from Philadelphia, and smoked salmon from Seattle!!!   AHHHHH!   Also includes gift ideas like "Aprons you'll never see on Martha" and "Food and Cooking Oriented jewelry."

Prepared Gourmet Meals ( These folks claim to "shop, chop, mince, marinate & deliver!"  What more could one ask for?  For a price they will send to you a Thanksgiving meal of turkey with cranberry-sage stuffing, sweet potato flan and a cranberry compote (along with gravy, flavored butters, etc.) and they provide you a list of ingredients that you will need to have on hand to complete the preparation  and presentation of the dinner for two, four, or six.  Now, if they only included a little elf to magically do the dishes and clean up the mess in the kitchen!!!!!

Television Cooking: 

While many of the cooking shows on TV will have their own sites, included here are just a couple of cooking feature sections from local (Salt Lake City) morning and news programs and one particularly good national link.

Eyewitness News ( Recipes presented on the channel 5 Eyewitness News at Noon program.  The master index lists recipes back to 1996, however, these are arranged chronologically so if you're interested in a particular recipe you'll have to look at the category listings.

Gabby Gourmet ( Recipes from KUTV's Fred Wix, the Gabby Gourmet.  Archive includes recipes back to mid-1997.

Chef on a Shoestring ( Just search for Chef on a Shoestring to find recipes from the CBS Saturday Morning program.  The idea here is that a chef is given $20 to buy everything s/he needs to prepare a complete meal - - appetizer, main course and dessert!!!  The recipe archive has information and menus back to March 1998 including the chef, the restaurant where s/he works, the items prepared and a shopping list with a price breakdown. 


Buying Cookbooks on the Net:

Many of the sites already mentioned may include cookbook review and/or cookbooks for sale.  Or, one can always go to an online "bookstore" to find particular titles.

Company and Brandname Sites:

Many companies have sites where they post recipes, promotional savings/coupons and suggestions for how to use their products.  The following are just some of the sites found in one set of ads in a Sunday newspaper.

My Favorite Site:

CHOCOLATE! (!  Chocolate!  What else is there to say?  This site lets you send real or virtual chocolates to a friend, download chocolate computer wallpapers, send virtual chocolate postcards, and register to become a certified chocoholic!!!!  Visit with the chocolate muse and learn the rules of chocolate, e.g., "If you've got melted chocolate all over your fingers, you're eating it too slowly!"  Or, you can join the chocolate club and order a t-shirt that explains the 12-step program for chocoholics -


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