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Genealogical Information On the Web

This guide may be found online at

Getting to Your Roots--Lessons, tutorials, forms, etc.

Adding Roots and Branches to Your Family Tree 

Branching Out by Communicating with Others

Have You Tried These?

Birthdate Calculator  Know the death date and age at death? This site calculates the birth date for you.

Computer programs for genealogy Site by Louis Kessler has good comparisons of major genealogical computer programs.

County locator Need to know what county a city or town is in? Try this.

Family Chronicle   This companion site for the print magazine includes some of the best articles from previous issues.

Family History Questionnaire  See a variety of questionnaires at this site by the Genealogical Society of Washtenaw County, MI

Family Tree Magazine A companion site for the print magazine. Take a look at their article "101 Best Family History Web Sites."

Find A Grave   This new site has 2.9 million names listed with burial information. Add information for your family members free of charge.

Ingenta  Formerly Uncover Web and CARL Uncover, this index to over 26,000 journals includes indexing for about 200 genealogy journals and newsletters. Try interlibrary loan to obtain copies of articles.

Relationship Chart  Confused about how you are related to someone else? Try this chart.

Social Security Death Index  Over 66 million names, updated monthly. Use the Post-Its to contact others searching the same person.

StateGenSites organizes genealogy web sites by state.

Your Dictionary   Need a foreign language dictionary? Here's the place to find it.


  • Use the Edit--Find in Page option to quickly find a particular word or name in a long list.

  • Use the tab key to move around pages which require filling in boxes.

  • Keep a research log of sites you search. It's easy to forget which sources you've already checked when you're on the web!

  • Just because it's on the web doesn't make it true! It's important to verify and document the data you find.

  • REMEMBER everything is NOT on the web! Contacting family members and researching records in  libraries, courthouses, etc. is still necessary. 

Happy ancestor hunting!


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