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Health Information on the Internet

Untangling the Web

by Jill Newby


Evaluating Health Information on the Internet

  • HealthScout  
    News stories about health related topics


Good Starting Points

  • MEDLINEplus 
    Developed by the National Library of Medicine.  Provides links to information about specific diseases and references from MEDLINE, plus hospital and physician directories.
  • Healthfinder  
    A gateway to consumer health information and services from the U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services.
  • AMA Health Insight    
    Consumer health information provided by the AMA.  Provides current medical news, information about specific conditions, and interactive health assessments.

Specific Health Topics and Sources

  • Oncolink
    Cancer information from both the patient and physician perspectives. From the University of Pennsylvania Cancer Center.
  • RxList
    A drug lookup site with information about actions of specific ingredients.
  • PharmInfoNet  
    Current pharmaceutical news and a drug database.


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