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The Bard Goes Online
Untangling the Web

Dr. Judy Elsley
English Department
April 11,  2000

There are more Internet sites on Shakespeare than you'd ever want or need, and they range from the sublime to the ridiculous.

A good starting place for authoritative sites on Shakespeare is the Weber State University Shakespeare site, Library/Internet Resources on Shakespeare, Carol Hansen designed for those of us who teach Shakespeare in our literature classes:

Hildy Benham, the Public Services Librarian at Westminster College in SLC has put together a wonderful Shakespeare site for her school:

Caveat emptor! Both these sites give useful information about how to check the authority of a web site.

Alternatively, go to the Yahoo search engine, and type in "Shakespeare." This is what you'll find:

We may want to look at the Utah Shakespeare Festival's web site. Did you know that their traveling company performed The Taming of the Shrew on March 31st at Ogden High School ?

For those of us unfamiliar with The Taming of the Shrew, we could bone up on the story before we went to see the play by looking at the web synopsis provided by the publisher, Penguin Putnam:

We tend to think of Shakespeare as serious subject matter, but the plays are full of wit and humor, so here are some light hearted and quirky Shakespeare sites:

Would you like to be insulted? There's no shortage at the Randy's Shakespearean Insult Server:

Where do all those insults come from? Check out the Shakespearean Insult Kit:

How about these parodies of Shakespeare? I'm sure the Bard would laugh heartily at these clever contemporary interpretations of his work. Take a look at What if Dr. Seuss Did Shakespeare?:

Or how about a 17 minute video version of Macbeth, Star Wars style? Let's visit the Star Wars meets Macbeth site:


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