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Weber State University


3921 Central Campus Dr. Dept 2901

Ogden, Utah   84408-2901

(801) 626-6403


FAX: (801) 626-7045
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Hubbard, Joan University Librarian 626-6403
Jasper, Jennifer Library Office Assistant 626-6403
Richards, Marie Assistant to the University Librarian 626-6405
User Services      
Adamson, Shaun Education Librarian 626-6827
Allen, Misty Media/Reserve/ILL Coordinator 626-7820
Andrews, Sandra     Circulation Services Manager 626-6546
Beatty, Nicole Arts & Humanities Librarian 626-7034
Carpenter, Art Reference/Instruction Librarian 626-7187
Clements, David      Computer Support Technician 626-6860
de Goede, Trudy Reference Specialist 626-7068
Francis, Jason   Health Sciences Librarian 626-6069
Francis, Melissa Special Collections Coordinator 626-7235
Higgs, Amy Digital Projects and Oral History Assistant 626-6509
Hahn, Edward Business and Economics Librarian 626-8662
Harris, Kandice University Archives Coordinator 626-6388
Hauser, Chris Information Technology Librarian 626-6104
Jenkins, CleAnn Circulation Supervisor 626-8061
  Reference Services Coordinator   626-7495
  Science Librarian   626-6093
Kotter, Wade Social Sciences & Music Librarian 626-7458
Licona, Ruby Reference/Instruction/Oral History Librarian 626-8652
Middleton, Mike Circulation Supervisor/Courier 626-6545
Middleton, Rachel Digital Graphic Web Design Assistant 626-6547
Park, Alexandra Digital Projects and Exhibits Assistant 626-6509
Payne, Kathy Head of Reference & Information Services   626-6511
Pomeroy, Sara Circulation Supervisor/Courier   626-7638
Possie, Ludwig Systems Administrator 626-8093
Rands, Lorrie Manuscript Processor 626-6728
Ray, Cami Reference Evening/Weekend Supervisor 626-6981
Rivera, Lonna Information Services Manager 626-6330
Sears, Jonathan Circulation Services Coord./Stacks Manager 626-7154
  University Archives Processor   626-7174
Singh, Sarah Associate Curator of Special Collections 626-6337
Sisneros-Wood, Erika UC/UI Collections Processor 626-6728
Stapley, Andrew Circulation Services Documents Processor 626-6481
Stephenson, Debbie Interlibrary Loan Specialist 626-6384
Vilches, Christine Circulation Supervisor 626-7855
Weeks, Jamie Associate Curator of University Archives and Digital Collections 626-6486
Technical Services    
Anderson, Chandler Cataloging Coordinator 626-6766
Bowden, Holly Technical Services Coordinator 626-7375
Christensen, Janet Acquisitions/Gov. Documents Assistant 626-7947
Merrill, Shela Gov't. Documents Cataloger/Processing Asst. 626-6776
  Cataloging/Serials Assistant   626-6766


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