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When to Call for Assistance
  • When the situation is "life threatening." (Call 911 immediately)
  • When a person refuses to listen to you.
  • When a person becomes disruptive or threatening.
  • When a person demands to see "the boss right now." (If not immediately available, take the person's name and telephone number for later contact.)
  • When you observe or receive a report that a person is maliciously destroying property.

General Guidelines:

NOTE: Staff who work alone should be extra cautious. Since they will lack assistance from other staff members in instances where a person becomes disruptive, abusive, or violent, etc., they should.: 1) Assess the situation carefully; 2) Simply notify the person(s) that Security will be called if the disruptive behavior is not immediately stopped; 3) Call Security at ext. 6460.

Be alert to signs that a person with a behavior problem is present. These signs include:

  • Other library users moving away from the person.
  • Other library users staring at the person.

  • Other library users trying to catch the attention of staff.

If an individual purposefully or unintentionally disrupts library operations or library users:

  • Approach the individual in question and explain the appropriate regulation of the library which is being violated

  • If necessary, hand out a printed copy of the library's regulations.

  • If a disturbance is too serious to handle alone, call for back-up from co-workers.

If an individual does not stop the improper behavior and is becoming confrontational, call Security immediately.

  • Tell Security who is calling and the location of the incident.
  • Briefly describe the incident and emphasize that help is needed quickly.

  • Record the time of the call; if possible, get the security officer's name.

  • Notify appropriate service points as to the location of the incident and inform them that Security has been called.

  • Complete a Subject Description form and an Incident Report.
  • When the security officer(s) arrive, staff and other library users who witnessed the incident should answer any questions.

For a serious or dangerous situation, do not hesitate to follow through with appropriate legal action.

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