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General categories of disruptive behavior

  • Conduct which violates federal, state, or local law
  • Conduct which violates Weber State University rules or regulations
  • Conduct which unreasonably disrupts, adversely affects, or otherwise interferes with the lawful functions of the Institution, or the rights of any individual to pursue an education at Weber State University
  • Conduct which results in injury or damage to persons affiliated with the University or property owned or controlled by the University.

Specific examples of disruptive behavior

  • Failing to respect the right of every person to be secure and protected from fear, intimidation, harassment, hazing, and/or physical harm caused by the activities of groups or individuals
  • Sexual assault, sexual harassment, or any other non-consensual verbal or physical sexual activity including the support or assistance of such activities
  • Disorderly, lewd, indecent, defamatory, or obscene conduct or expression
  • Participating in demonstrations, rallies, assemblies, performances, showings, exhibits, pickets, etc. in violation of any law or University policy
  • Distributing, publishing or posting materials, soliciting funds, selling items, engaging in commercial activity, erecting structures, exhibiting items, displaying films and videos, using official insignias or materials, or participating in performances and activities without proper authorization
  • Obstructing or disrupting teaching, research, administration, disciplinary procedures, computing services, other sponsored activities, services or events, including public service functions
  • Deliberate interference with academic freedom and freedom of speech (including not only instructional activities, but also interference with performances, exhibits, displays, dissemination of information, demonstrations, or the freedom of any speaker invited by any segment of the University community to express views)
  • Initiating or causing to be initiated any intentionally false report warning
  • Leaving children unattended on Library property or allowing them to create a disruption on Library property or at sponsored functions
  • Failing to meet contractual obligations with the Library
  • Knowingly violating terms of any disciplinary sanction
  • Intentionally furnishing false information, including false identification
  • Forging, altering, misusing, or mutilating documents, records, identification, educational materials, or other property
  • Influencing or attempting to influence administrative processes through explicit or implied bribery, threats, sexual behavior, etc.
  • Theft or misappropriation of property, equipment, materials, services, or data
  • Knowingly possessing stolen property, equipment, materials, services, or data
  • Intentionally or recklessly destroying, defacing, vandalizing, damaging, or misusing property, equipment, materials, services, or data or aiding, abetting or contributing to such actions

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