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Instruction Faculty Performance Expectations

(revised and approved by instruction faculty 3/1/2004 )


The purpose of the following document is to provide faculty members of the information literacy team with specific information on how they are expected to perform, and on how they will be evaluated as team members.


Information literacy team members will have specific goals, responsibilities and/or assignments related to instruction. For each instruction session, information literacy team members will provide high quality instruction in accordance with the the mission and goals of the Information Literacy program. Each team member may have performance expectations in one or more of the following services:

A.     English 2010/FYE Instruction

Most team members will be assigned a number of English 2010/FYE instruction sessions each semester. Faculty and staff that have been assigned 2010/FYE instruction are expected to do instruction sessions as assigned. If they can't provide a scheduled session, it is her/his responsibility to find an appropriate replacement, or to reschedule the session, according to Instruction Policies

B.     Course Integrated and Other Instruction

These may also include new general instruction sessions that are needed as new resources are acquired.

Faculty and Staff that have been assigned instruction are expected to do instruction sessions as assigned. If they can't, it is their responsibility to find an appropriate replacement, or to reschedule the session. It is expected that all sessions scheduled in the library will be scheduled using the  Classrooms Scheduling Form and calendar.

C.     For-Credit Courses

Faculty are expected to deliver high quality instruction. Curriculum development is the responsibility of the instructor, with input from the library faculty. Faculty accepting teaching assignments are expected to complete all aspects of their teaching assignments as scheduled. Changes in the formal, for credit teaching schedule will be addressed if personnel are available, according to Library Mission and planning assumptions and priorities.


Team members will have sufficient knowledge and understanding of the following to effectively meet their instruction responsibilities:

A.     Role as a Member of the WSU Faculty or Staff:

Team members are expected to demonstrate a clear understanding of their role as a member of the Weber State University Library faculty or staff and fulfill the responsibilities of their position in a professional manner.

B.     Instruction Theory and Practice:

Team members are expected to have, or to acquire, an understanding of current instruction issues, theories, practices appropriate for information literacy instruction in an academic library, and for their level of involvement in instruction.


All information literacy team members are expected to demonstrate their commitment to and participation in the information literacy program by:

A.     Understanding, supporting and being able to articulate to others the mission, guiding principles and goals of the library and information literacy program.

B.     Serving as an advocate for the library and the information literacy program by displaying an attitude that demonstrates a strong commitment to information literacy instruction.

C.     Completing their instruction goals/responsibilities and consistently providing high quality instruction.

D.     Attending continuing education and training sessions and using the training to improve their skills as instructors.

E.     Actively participating on the information literacy team by:

  1. Keeping informed on information literacy issues
  2. Being familiar with, and participating in the continual improvement of information literacy instruction:
  3. Regularly attending and contributing to information literacy team meetings.
  4. Serving on information literacy team subcommittees, when requested.
  5. Assisting new team members.
  6. Providing advice and counsel to those seeking library employment or careers in librarianship
  7. Scheduling each instruction session and assisting with current procedures so accurate data is collected.


To improve and further develop information literacy programs, team members are expected to:

A.     Continually improve teaching and student learning through ongoing assessment

1.     For- Credit Teaching

Library faculty teaching for-credit courses are expected to continually improve their teaching and student learning by assessing student learning and student satisfaction with course work. Faculty are expected to enable students with the opportunity to submit end of course evaluations for each section of each course taught.

Faculty are expected to carefully review and evaluate their teaching materials. Faculty are encouraged to develop a teaching portfolio/supplemental file with several examples of excellent teaching materials for tenure and promotion review. See WSU PPM 8:11

Faculty are expected to share examples of teaching improvements and updates each year in their Faculty Activity Record (FAR).

2. English 2010 and FYE

Team members that provide 2010/FYE instruction are expected to make suggestions to improve the core curriculum or curricular objectives as they arise. English 2010 and FYE instruction will be assessed annually by the Instructional Services Librarian with input from the information literacy team, the English 2010 and FYE faculty and students.

3. Course Integrated and Other General Instruction

Faculty and staff are expected to develop clearly defined objectives for student learning and/or intended learning outcomes for every scheduled teaching situation. Instructors are expected to assess student learning to improve instruction.

B.     Make recommendations for improving instruction by providing the Instructional Services Librarian with suggestions for new curricula, techniques, or materials etc.

C.     Make recommendations for improving classroom and other teaching situations by providing the Instructional Services Librarian with suggestions for new equipment, materials, hardware, software, etc.

D.     Be collegial, consultative and supportive - consult and respect others and function as a team member. Attempt to understand the demands made on colleagues and, when possible, help to meet those demands.

E.     Assist in the training of new and other members of the Team by:

  1. Sharing training and instruction materials
  2. Inviting others to observe instruction sessions
  3. Informing others about new resources and training opportunities


To balance their many responsibilities, information literacy team members are expected to demonstrate a positive work ethic and employ excellent time management skills 

  • Be able to prioritize responsibilities and activities.
  • Meet scheduled deadlines and commitments.


A.     With Students:

Students are our most important clientele. Effective communication with students, before, during and after instruction is critical to our success.

Faculty teaching for credit courses will clearly identify (in their Web syllabus and on/near their office door) their office hours and/or other information to enable students to easily contact them.

B.     With Colleagues:

Team members can benefit greatly from consulting among themselves on instruction issues and practice. Information literacy team members are expected to demonstrate effective interpersonal and communication skills in working with colleagues.

C.     With Faculty:

All members of the information literacy team need to understand the needs of, and be able to communicate effectively with library faculty and other faculty.

D.     With the WSU Community (Staff, Administrators, Alumni and Community Members):

All members of the team need to understand the needs of, and be able to communicate effectively about library and information literacy to the wider community.

E.     With Instructional Services Librarian:

To carry out their responsibilities, team members will be able to communicate effectively with the Instructional Services Librarian. Members will work together to identify problems and create solutions.


The services and instruction provided by the information literacy team members are evaluated by the University Librarian in consultation with the Instructional Services Librarian using the criteria detailed in the above link.

Updated September 30, 2004 . Please send comments to Carol Hansen
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