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Gifts-in-Kind Policy

The Stewart Library has, with great gratitude, accepted from various individuals materials in all formats for its collections. Although we are appreciative of any gift tendered to us, our general policy is to accept and add to the collection only those items which have relevance to our collections and the potential for use.

In most cases it is not possible for library personnel to inventory the items in a tendered gift prior to accepting it. Therefore, we must accept gifts with the express understanding that items not placed in the collection will be made available for return to the donor; and, if not returned, may be otherwise utilized or disposed of at the library's discretion. Most often, items not added to the collection are sold at the library's annual booksale. The funds from the sale are then used to purchase materials for the collections.

Normally, we cannot offer to donors estimates of monetary value (presumably for tax purposes) in exchange for gifts-in-kind. On the rare occasions when it appears that items have particularly high monetary value, together with relevance to the collections, a third-party or published estimate of monetary value may be given at the discretion of the University Librarian. In the cases of third-party estimates, the cost of obtaining an estimate may have to be borne in whole or in part by the donor.

The above does not in any way obviate our appreciation for the thoughtfulness and generosity of those considering a gift-in-kind to the Stewart Library.

Updated September 30, 2004 . Please send comments to JoanHubbard, University Librarian
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