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Disaster Recovery: "Who is in charge here?!"

Class 2 Recovery (Disaster effects multiple areas of the facility)


  • Recovery Coordinators: University Librarian; Emergency Preparedness Task Force Chair; Library Facilities Manager;Professional Disaster Recovery Personnel if available
  • Recovery Team: Administrators of effected areas; Emergency Preparedness Task Force; Others as needed


Immediately upon notification by one of the coordinators.


RM 109 if accessible, otherwise the parking lot on south side building


  1. Restrict access to the affected areas
  2. Identify areas effected and assign teams for each
  3. Consult with Physical Plant and Fire Marshall for approval to begin recovery in designated areas.
  4. Gather recovery supplies (See: Auxiliary Emergency Supplies, page
  5.  Identify site to which recovered property will be relocated; specify how and where damaged property will be segregated from undamaged property. 
  6. Assess the type and extent of damage in each area.
  7. Move undamaged materials, furnishings, etc. from the effected areas
  8. Begin salvage of damaged property. Refer to documentation at the end of this manual or in the Emergency Preparedness Library

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