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Disaster Recovery: "What do we salvage?!"

Prioritizing what is to be salvaged after a disaster is a good idea; but it is no guarantee that it can be or will be salvaged. So, it is advisable to take precautions against damage tohigh-priority items beforehand.

Unique and/or valuable physical items and records should be stored in a manner to prevent loss due to theft, fire or water.

Important electronic records should be secured by a duplicate copy (in electronic or print format) which is stored off site.

Personal items that you would not want to lose in a work place disaster should be taken home.

Circulation Services Salvage Priorities


Current Periodicals

SW section, main floor

Those not damaged .


SW section, main floor

Those not damaged.


SW section, main floor

Film and fiche in drawers marked with a "blue dot"

Office files

RMS 126, 127, 130, Circ Desk

In desk drawers or filing cabinet drawers marked with a "blue dot"

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