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Emergency Preparedness: "Where is it?!"

Exits, fire extinguishers and pull-alarms

1) Inside East Entrance next to Room 130
Fire extinguisher(s)
South of Copy Center on East wall
2) Hallway to Bibliographic Services
East Main entrance
2) West Main entrance
3) Through Bibliographic Services

Primary Emergency Supplies

Battery powered radio
Room 127     The radio batteries were last checked on: _____/_____/_____

Emergency Kit
Room 127     The kit was last replenished on:_____/_____/_____

First-aid kit(s)
North Service Desk    The kit was last replenished on:  _____/_____/_____
Room 127    The kit was last replenished on: _____/_____/_____

Eve/Wkd Supervisor Desk   Batteries checked on: _____/_____/_____ 
Room 127    Batteries checked on: _____/_____/_____ 
Room 130    Batteries checked on: _____/_____/_____

Power supply panel
North wall in Microforms area

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