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Professional Staff Activity Record
Calendar Year 20--
Date Due: 1/30

Position Title:

I.     PRIMARY POSITION: Briefly summarize your major accomplishments during the calendar year. Indicate whether or not agreed upon goals were met and provide an explanation for any goals that were not met. Attach any relevant documentation.


  1. Professional Development: Include workshops and conferences attended and any for credit courses taken. (Please list activity, location and date.)
  2. Professional Service: Include university, local, regional committee assignments. Indicate your role on the committee, e.g., member, chair, etc.
  3. Professional awards, honors, etc. (Please list title, agency/organization and date.)

III.     GOALS: (Suggest two or three measurable, achievable goals that you wish to accomplish during the coming year.)

  1. Primary Position Goals:
  2. Professional Development/Service Goals:
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