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Principles of Service

Weber State University Library is committed to providing service of the highest possible quality; respecting each patron as an individual; responding to patrons in a timely, courteous, and helpful manner; and maintaining confidentiality of records and transactions.

The Library is committed to preserving academic and intellectual freedom; ensuring a climate of openness and trust; fostering an appreciation of diversity among staff and patrons; supporting equal opportunity, staff development and training; affirming individual dignity; and recognizing merit.

The Library is committed to providing effective stewardship of the property entrusted to it and providing for the safety and welfare of staff and patrons.

The Library is committed to acquiring and maintaining appropriate resources for the collections; providing equitable access to resources and systems; promoting information literacy among the University community; exploring and implementing innovations and technological advances that increase information access; and remaining open and responsive to change.

The Library, recognizing the mutual interests that bind the wider library community, is committed to participating in library networks; following recognized standards and conventions; and sharing resources and expertise.

The University's educational mission is the governing principle underlying all library service.

(Reviewed & approved by LC 11/95)

Updated November 5, 2004 . Please send comments to Joan Hubbard, University Librarian.
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