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Student Assistants Policies and Procedures

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Student Assistant Code of Conduct

1.     Work hours are based on the needs of the department. Work hours will be posted in the department.

2.     You are expected to be at work when scheduled. If you are ill or otherwise detained, you must notify your supervisor as soon as possible before you are scheduled to work.

3.     While on duty you are expected to put department work above personal interests, including studying. Personal matters should be addressed on your own time.

4.     University policy does not allow students to work more than eight (8) hours a day, 20 hours per week. Do not work more than your allotted number of hours without supervisor's approval.

5.     Students who work 4 or more consecutive hours, are entitled to a 15 minute break. If you work 6 hours, you are entitled to a 15 minute break and a 30 minute unpaid lunch. If you work 8 hours a day, you are entitled to two 15 minute breaks and a half hour unpaid lunch. Breaks may not be combined or added to lunch. Breaks and lunch should be arranged with the supervisor on duty. You must notify your supervisor when you leave and return from breaks and lunch.

6.     Once the quarter is underway, requests for work schedule changes should be avoided.

7.     It is your responsibility to, each day, record the hours you worked on departmental record sheets. Also, time sheets must be signed before the 22nd of each month in order to receive a check the following month.

8.     Telephones are for library business only. You should not call or be called by friends or family, except in an emergency. Please use the telephones in the main lobby for personal calls, on your own time.

9.     At all times be courteous to patrons and co-workers. Patron's needs should receive top priority and they should not be turned away without a satisfactory answer or a referral to someone who can help.

10.     Dress appropriately & modestly. Halter tops, tank tops, short shorts, or bare feet are inappropriate.

11.     You are expected to work your regularly scheduled hours during finals, unless arrangements have been made with your supervisor.

12.     Due to the close proximity to equipment, drinks and food are not allowed in public or work areas.

13.     In accordance with the Utah Clean Air Act, no smoking is permitted in any part of the library. Also, liquor or illegal drugs are not allowed in the library.

14.     You will be on probation for the first three months of employment. During and following this probationary period, your job performance will be evaluated periodically.

15.     When the first serious infraction of policy occurs, the person will be taken aside, the rules will be explained and a warning will be stated.

When the second violation of policy occurs, the person will be taken aside, the rules will be explained, a written statement will be presented to them and they will be put on probation.

When a third violation of policy occurs, the person will be taken aside and told they no longer work in the position. They will be asked to approve and sign their final time sheet.

I have read and understand the library student assistant code of conduct and realize that violation of any item is grounds for probation, suspension, or termination.

I have been furnished a copy of the code of conduct to retain. A signed copy will be retained by the library.


Sexual Harassment

In accordance with university policy, the library cannot tolerate any form of sexual harassment. Below are some examples of sexual harassing behaviors.
  • Touching (arm, buttock, etc.).
  • Verbal comments (about parts of the body, what type of sex the victim would be "good at," clothing, looks etc.).
  • Name calling (from "honey" to "bitch" and worse.)
  • Spreading sexual rumors.
  • Leers and stares.
  • Sexual or "dirty" jokes.
  • Cartoons, pictures, and pornography.
  • Using the computer to leave sexual messages or graffiti or to play sexually offensive computer games.
  • Gestures with the hands and body.
  • Pressure for sexual activity.
  • Cornering, blocking, standing too close, following conversations that are too personal.
  • "Rating" an individual; for example, on a scale of 1 to 10.
  • Obscene t-shirts, hats and pins.
  • Showing R-rated movies during class.
  • "Snuggies" (pulling underwear up to the waist so it goes in between the buttocks).
  • Sexual assault and attempted sexual assault.
  • Rape.
  • Massaging the neck and shoulders.
  • Touching oneself sexually in front of others.
  • Graffiti.
  • Making kissing sounds, smacking sounds, or licking the lips suggestively.
  • Howling, catcalls, whistles.
  • Repeatedly asking someone out when they are not interested.
  • "Spiking" (pulling down someone's pants).
  • Facial expressions (winking, kissing, etc.).
  • "Slam books" (lists of student's names with derogatory sexual comments written about them by other students).
  • "Making out" in the hallway.


Guidelines for Student Assistant Merit Increases

1. Assumptions

a.     Decentralization of decision making
b.     Static budgets
c.     Performance based
d.     Length of service
e.     Written expectations - student assistants need to know clearly what is expected of them
f.      Incremental increases
g.     Student evaluation completed before merit pay increase
h.     Re-evaluate the process annually

2. Length of Service

a.     Evaluate student assistant after completion of one year of employment
b.     If eligible for merit increase, submit paper work to the library office

3. Incremental Increases

a.     First increase is $ .25 per hour, additional increases must be justified by the immediate supervisor, approval by the coordinator and forwarded to the University Librarian for final approval.
b.     After the first increase, student assistants are eligible for increases after every year they work.

Updated November 5, 2004 . Please send comments to John Lamborn
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