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ULA 2002 Conference

Utah Library Association Annual Conference
May 1-3, 2002

Conference Report by Fran Zedney


During the 2001/2002 year, I served as a member of ULA's Awards Committee and member-at-large on the Reference and Adult Services Round Table. I attended the annual awards banquet (and even presented one of the awards) and two sessions on Friday morning. One of the Friday morning sessions was a program I had suggested and helped coordinate. The other session I attended was "The ABCs of PDAs PDQ." Thanks to Joan and Kathy P. for supporting my attendance at the conference!

Awards Banquet

After I heard Donna Corby speak here in Special Collections about the Success for All reading program in the Ogden School District, I thought she would be a wonderful candidate for the Utah Governor's Award for the Promotion of Reading. She was instrumental in getting the program funded and accepted in three of Ogden's inner city elementary schools. I asked Ruby to submit a nomination for Dr. Corby and the principals of the other two schools for the award. Although there were other nominees, members of the Awards Committee voted to give the award to Dr. Corby and her peers, Catherine Montgomery and Sondra Jolovich-Motes, principals of Dee, Lewis, and Mountain View Elementary Schools.

I was pleased to be asked to make the presentation at the dinner and all three women were very appreciative and made touching speeches about the impact that reading success has had on their students.

Reference and Adult Services Program

As our committee was brainstorming ideas for a program, I suggested the topic of disability awareness since we had been talking about that issue here at our library. I highly recommended the video we had viewed "Ten Commandments of Communicating with the Disabled." We entitled our program "Communicating with Your Disabled Patrons." It  consisted of showing the video and having Jerry Buttars from the State Library Division for the Blind and Handicapped and Colby Wilson from University of Utah Services for Handicapped Students speak about their services and experiences. It was well attended and we received some very positive feedback on the evaluation forms. I put together a web page on library services to the disabled for the session.

The ABCs of PDAs PDQ

My favorite part of this session was the title. Since I'm not familiar with PDAs, a lot of it went over my head. I admire people who use them but I'm enough of a techno-phobe not to want one. Sorry, Carol!


Fran Zedney
July 14, 2002





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