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Oral History Projects

The Oral History Program of the Stewart Library was created to preserve the institutional history of Weber State University and the Davis and Weber County communities. By conducting carefully researched, recorded, and transcribed interviews, the Oral History Program creates archival oral histories intended for the widest possible use.

Interviews are conducted with the goal of eliciting from each participant a full and accurate account of events. The interviews are transcribed, edited for accuracy and clarity, and reviewed by the interviewees, who are encouraged to augment or correct their spoken words. The reviewed and corrected transcripts are indexed, printed, and bound with photographs and illustrative materials as available. Archival copies are placed in either the University Archives or Special Collections based on content information. These archival copies also house the original recording so researchers can gain a sense of the interviewee’s voice and intonations.

For information about the Oral Histories on this site, please contact Jamie Weeks,

Associate Curator of University Archives and Digital Collections. 

801-626-6486 or



Stewart Library Oral History Program



Business at the Crossroads

     28 Interviews

Dee School of Nursing

     40 Interviews


Great Depression in Weber County

     45 Interviews

Marriott-Slaterville City

     8 Interviews

New Zion Community Advocates

     12 Interviews

St. Benedict's School of Nursing

     48 Interviews


      Utah Construction-Utah International

            12 Interviews

      Weber & Davis County Communities

             20 Interviews

      Weber State College History

            30 Interviews

      Weber State University History

            23 Interviews

     Weber State University Student Projects

            354 Interviews

      WW II Prisoners of War in Ogden

            16 Interviews


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