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Dee School of Nursing and St. Benedict's School of Nursing

The Dee School of Nursing was founded in 1910 to provide training for nurses who would staff the new Dee Memorial Hospital.  The first class of eight nurses graduated from the school in 1913 and the school continued to operate until 1955, with a total of more than 700 graduates.  A new nursing school and home located just east of the hospital was completed in 1917 and all nursing students were required to live in the home during their training. 

This oral history project was created to capture the memories of the school's alumni before their stories disappear in the same way the Dee Hospital has disappeared.  The oral interviews focus on how the women became involved with the school, their experiences going through training, and how they used the training.

(Digital Copy Linked - To access hard copy/working files, take name and OH number to the

Special Collections Department)

Oral History Interviews

Allen, Delpha Greaves_OH2_001

Ball, Faye_OH2_002

Ball, Phylllis Call_OH2_003

Bird, Dorothy Mills_OH2_004

Brown, Leona Gibb_OH2_005

Brown, Ruth_OH2_006

Criddle, Bertie_OH2_007

Crookston, Melva C_OH2_008

Gibbs, Diane_OH2_009

Gillman, Louise_OH2_010

Hansen, Norma_OH2_011

Hogge, Catherine_OH2_012

Johnson, Glenda_OH2_013

Layton, Patricia_OH2_014

Manning, Josephine_OH2_015

Martineau, Eloise_OH2_016

Meyerhoffer, June Slater_OH2_017

Morrin, Jane S_OH2_018

Mortenson, Hope_OH2_019

Murray, Lois_OH2_020

Naisbitt, Sue_OH2_021

Peterson, Dora Leskow_OH2_022

Purdy, Phyliis Naegle_OH2_23

Roskelley, Alta R_OH2_024

Saunders, Arlene_OH2_025

Shepard, Lois Berlin_OH2_026

Shiramizu, Elsie_OH2_027

Slater, Betty Jo_OH2_017

Stauffer, Sandra_OH2_028

Stratford, Edna_OH2_029

Tanner, Virginia_OH2_030

Telleson, Glorya Stokes_OH2_031

Thurgood, LouAnn_OH2_032

Tripp, Karla Paul_OH2_033

Turner, Regina Urban_OH2_034

Walker, Claire_OH2_035

Walling, Grace Ann H_OH2_036

Weeks, Carol_OH2_037

Willard, Grace Locke Hart_OH2_038

Woodfield, Jean_OH2_012


The St. Benedict’s School of Nursing was founded in 1947 by the Sisters of Mount Benedict. The school operated from April 1947 to 1968. Over that forty-one year period, the school had 605 students and 357 graduates. In 1966, the program became the basis for Weber State College’s Practical Nurse Program and eventually merged into Weber’s Nursing Program.
This oral history project was created to capture the memories of the graduates and to add to the history of nursing education in Ogden. The interviews focus on their training, religion, and experiences working with doctors, nurses, nuns, and patients at St. Benedict’s Hospital. This project received funding from the Utah Humanities Council and the Utah Division of State History.

(Digital Copy Linked - To access hard copy/working files, take name and OH number to the

Special Collections Department)

Oral History Interviews

Allen, Darlene_OH6_001

Anderson, Annette_OH6_002

Beckwith, Iris_OH6_003

Bindrup, Pamela_OH6_004

Binkley, Judith_OH6_005

Bird, Francis_OH6_006

Brown, Patricia_OH6_007

Brunson, Evelyn_OH6_008

Chandler, Jackie_OH6_009

Clement, Arlene_OH6_010

Crawford, Kay_OH6_011

Damon, Trudy_OH6_012

Dickson, LouAnn_OH6_013

Duncan, Frances_OH6_014

Eberhard, Margo_OH6_015

Erickson, Patricia_OH6_016

Fernelius, Betty_OH6_017

Francis, Frances_OH6_018

Gallegos, Maureen_OH6_019

Goedde, Carol_OH6_020

Hassel, Janice_OH6_021

Hess, Mary Lou_OH6_020

Hibbeln, Josephine_OH6_022

Huebert, Margaret_OH6_023

James, Judith_OH6_024

Jeppson, Carol_OH6_025

Johnson, Janet_OH6_026

Kolander, Marjorie_OH6_027

Lieser, Sister Mary Bernard_OH6_028

Lyson, Kaye_OH6_029

Morton, Jeane_OH6_030

Nichols, Betty_OH6_031

Pannell, Julia_OH6_032

Pavesic, Katherine_OH6_027

Porter, Marjorie_OH6_033

Ramsey, Janet_OH6_034

Reichlin, Sister Agnes_OH6_035

Saxton, Annette_OH6_036

Schuler, Sister Chanelle_OH6_037

Simoncini, Sylvia_OH6_038

Sorensen, Clara_OH6_039

Taylor, Gail_OH6_040

Thornton, Joan_OH6_041

Thrasher, Patricia_OH6_034

Wall, Carmen_OH6_042

Welch, Hope_OH6_043

Wold, Carolyn_OH6_044

Young, Kay_OH6_045

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