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Utah Construction Company/Utah International Inc.

The Utah Construction Company/Utah International Inc. Oral History Project was created to capture the memories of individuals associated with the company.  Several of the interviewees are family and relatives, while others are personalities involved with Utah Construction Company/Utah International Inc. and some the company's prominent figures.

(Digital Copy Linked - To access hard copy/working files, take name and OH number to the

Special Collections Department)


Oral History Interviews


Casey, Carol Wattis_OH8_001

Dunaway, Jane_OH8_002

Eccles, George_OH8_003*

Eccles, Spencer_OH8_004

Freeman, Nancy_OH8_005

Hyman, Sidney_OH8_006





Kimball, William_OH8_007

Littlefield, Jeannik_OH8_008

McNamara, Patricia_OH8_009

Mitchell, Bruce T._OH8_010

Sobel, Denise_OH8_011

Wattis, Phillis_OH8_012


*This interview only available in hard copy.

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