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Weber State University Oral History Program

The Weber State University Oral History Program began conducting interviews with key Weber State University faculty, administrators, staff and students, in Fall 2007.  The program focuses primarily on obtaining a historical record of the school, along with important developments since the school gained university status in 1991.  The interviews explore the process of achieving university status, as well as major issues including accreditation, diversity, faculty governance, changes in leadership, curricular developments, etc.

(Digital Copy Linked - To access hard copy/working files, take name and OH number to the

Univerity Archives Department)


Oral History Interviews


Arway, Sally J._OH3_004

Baker, Mae_OH3_001

Belnap, Ora Jean_OH3_012

Burton, Tom_OH3_008

Charlesworth, Rosalind_OH3_024

Cheney, Merlin_OH3_018

Crawford, Forrest_OH3_006

Dayley, Alan_OH3_011

Galli, Ron_OH3_010

Greenhalgh, Stan_OH3_009

Hall, Craige_OH3_009


Kotter, Marie_OH3_003

Livingston, Jeff_OH3_014

Lukken, Kathleen_OH3_013

Lundak, Helen James_OH3_005

Mitchell, Judith_OH3_022

Nadauld, Stephen_OH3_020

Pierce, Peggy_OH3_021

Seager, Spencer_OH3_017

Seshachari, Candadai_OH3_007

Smith, Robert B._OH3_016

Van Cleave, Tom_OH3_023

Wurst, Gloria Z._OH3_002






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