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Weber State College Oral History Program

The Weber State College Oral History Program was created in the early 1970s to "record and document, through personal reminiscences, the history, growth and development of Weber State College."  Through interviews with administrators, faculty and students, the program's goal was to expand the documentary holdings on Weber State College and its predecessor entities.  From 1970 to 1976, the program conducted some fifteen interviews, under the direction of, and generally conducted by Harold C. Bateman, an emeritus professor of history.  In 1979, under the direction of archivist John R. Sillito, the program was reestablished and six interviews were conducted between 1979 and 1983. Additional interviews were conducted by members of the Weber State Community.

(Digital Copy Linked - To access hard copy/working files, take name and OH number to the

Univerity Archives Department)

Oral History Interviews


Anderson, Joseph_OH4_001

Belnap, John_OH4_002

Bishop, Joseph_OH4_003

Brady, Rodney_OH4_004

Campbell, George_OH4_005

Carlsen, Don_OH4_036

Clarke, Robert A._OH4_006

Crawford, Forrest_OH4_007

Creer, Verona M._OH4_008

Dixon, Henry Aldous_OH4_009

Freeman, Raymond_OH4_010

Grose, Wilma_OH4_011

Hofmann, Helmut_OH4_012

Huggins, Ira_OH4_013

Jacobs, Dee, Hugh, David, Kimball_OH4_033



Lee, J. Bracken_OH4_014

Miller, William P._OH4_016

Monson, Leland H._OH4_017

Parry, Roland_OH4_018

Peterson, Lucile_OH4_019

Ricks, Joel_OH4_020

Russell, LaDona_OH4_035

Swenson, Reed_OH4_021

Swenson, Reed_OH4_022

Swenson, Reed_OH4_023

Terry, William_OH4_024

Tyler, Jan_OH4_025

Ulibarri, Richard_OH4_026

Vander Heide, Ralph_OH4_034

Watson, Malcolm_OH4_027



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