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Weber and Davis Counties

The Weber and Davis County Communities Oral History Project includes interviews conducted by Weber State University faculty, staff, students.  The interviews cover various topics including community service, city government, diversity, military service, personal everyday life experiences and other recollections regarding the history of the Weber and Davis County areas.

(Digital Copy Linked - To access hard copy/working files, take name and OH number to the University Archives)

Weber/Davis Community Oral History Interviews

Anderson, Edward_OH9_002

Ashmead, H. DeWayne_OH9_008

Boyle, Edward_OH9_007

Boyle, Hazel_OH9_006

Call, Diane_OH9_004

Call, Howard_OH9_003

Dumke, Ezekiel_OH9_019

Gillespie, Bettye_OH9_018


Godfrey, Matthew_OH9_009

Hurst, Dean_OH9_016

Johnson, Lewis_OH9_001

Kamaya, James_OH9_011

Lampros, Jack_OH9_010

Mueller, Arlo_OH9_012

Ott, Betty_OH9_005

Richards, Richard_OH9_020

Standford, Stephen_OH9_014

Stegen, Robert_OH9_015

Stromberg, Bernice_OH9_017

Udy, John_OH9_013



The Marriott-Slaterville City Oral History Collection was created by the residents of the town to document their history. Each participant was provided with a list of questions asking for; stories about their childhood, schools they attended, stories about their parents and grand-parents, activities they enjoyed, fashions they remember, difficulties or traumas they may have dealt with, and memories of community and church leaders. This endeavor has left behind rich histories, stories and important information regarding the history of the Marriott-Slaterville area.

(Digital Copy Linked - To access hard copy/working files, take name and OH number to the

Special Collections Department)

Marriott-Slaterville City Oral History Interviews


Butler, Keith_OH5_002

Hodson, Carl_OH5_003

Holley, Orvil_OH5_004

Lewis, Adele_OH5_005

McFarland, Lila_OH5_006

Powell, Julian_OH5_007

Shurtleff, Laree_OH5_008


The Great Depression in Weber County, Utah, is an Oral History Project by Mack S. Taft for completion of his Master’s Thesis at Utah State University during the summer of 1969.  The forty-five interviews address the Great Depression through the eyes of individuals in several different occupations including:  Bankers, Laborers, Railroad Workers, Attorneys, Farmers, Educators, Businessmen, Community and Church Leaders, Housewives, Children and Physicians.  All of these individuals lived in Weber County from 1929 to 1941. The interviews were based on what they remembered about the depression, how they felt about those events and how it affected their life then and now.

(To access hard copy/working files, take name and OH number to the Special Collections Department)

The Great Depression in Weber County Oral History Interviews

Alberts, Alida_OH7_001

Anderson, Wesely_OH7_002

Barnes, Herbert_OH7_003

Barrett, Morris Allen_OH7_004

Bartlett, Frank_OH7_005

Bates, A. Parley_OH7_006

Beus, J. Levi_OH7_007

Beus, Jay R._OH7_008

Brown, Arthur_OH7_009

Budge, William Arthur_OH7_010

Childs, Burdie E._OH7_011

Christensen, Arch L._OH7_012

Cottle, Zina_OH7_013

Fields, Clyde Winslow_OH7_014

Fowers, Wilford G._OH7_015


Francis, Frank Jr._OH7_016

Frost, George T._OH7_017

Garr, W. Earl_OH7_018

Hancock, Edward J._OH7_019

Hipwell, Willis_OH7_020

Huggins, Ira_OH7_021

Jensen, Leona & Virgil_OH7_022

Marshall, Curtis H._OH7_023

Mason, Calvin J._OH7_024

Maw, George_OH7_025

Morrell, Joseph V._OH7_026

Parker, Vern_OH7_027

Paul, Brad H._OH7_028

Paul, Earl_OH7_029

Phipps, Roy C._OH7_030

Powell, Samuel C._OH7_031

Reeves, Max Allen_OH7_032

Rich, J. Edward_OH7_033

Richardson, Amos C._OH7_034

Robbins, Stanley_OH7_035

Russell, Anthony_OH7_036

Stratford, George Edwin_OH7_037

Wade, Lynn Mac_OH7_038

Ward, Vernon_OH7_039

Weatherspoon, George Alvey_OH7_040

Wheelwright, Hyrum B._OH7_041

Whipple, Columbus_OH7_042

Widdison, Amanda_OH7_043

Wilson, David J._OH7_044

Wright, Raymond S._OH7_045

Business at the Crossroads - Ogden City, is a project to collect oral histories related to changes in the Ogden business district since World War II.  From the 1870s to World War II, Ogden was a major railroad town and shipping and commerce hub. After World War II, the railroad business declined, but some government agencies and businesses related to the defense industry continued to gravitate to Ogden.

(To access hard copy/working files, take name and OH number to the Special Collections Department)

Business at the Crossroads - Ogden City Oral History Interviews
Aoki, David_OH12_001
Birch, Lue_OH12_002
Bradley, Evart_OH12_003
Ichida, Shinji_OH12_004
James, Nellie_OH12_005
Kingsford, Deane_OH12_006
Liu, Joseph _OH12_007
Loney, LaPriel _OH12_008
Lucas, Frank _OH12_009
Murphy, Edward _OH12_010
Ogan, Flora _OH12_011
Prantil, Joseph _OH12_012
Schlosser, Mike _OH12_013
Spurlock, Steve _OH12_014
Vogel, Carla_OH12_015
Vondrus, Carrie_OH12_016
Yannacone, Frank_OH12_017
Young, Gary_OH12_018
Zenger, Eric_OH12_019

Crandall, Ralph_OH12_020

Eggleston, DeLoss_OH12_021
Garside, Don_OH12_022
Moore, Willie_OH12_023
Nash, Michael_OH12_024
Summerill, Van_OH12_025
Tanner, John_OH12_026
Vance, Jayeson_OH12_027
VanLeeuwen, Scott_OH12_028

The New Zion Community Advocates worked with community members age 80 years and older to have contributed to the history of Ogden city.  The interviews looked at the legacy of the interviewees through armed services, work, social life, church, NAACP and educational systems in an environment where their culture was not predominant.  This program has received funding from the Utah Humanities Council and the Utah Division of State history.   

(To access hard copy/working files, take name and OH number to the Special Collections Department)

New Zion Oral History Interviews
Daniels, Sylvester_OH11_001
Eason, Daisy_OH11_002
Gillespie, Bettye_OH11_003
Glynn, Mae_OH11_004
Heath, Edith Fern_OH11_005
Holston, Linnard_OH11_006
Jones, Herman_OH11_007
Martin, Alice_OH11_008
Nelson, Richard_OH11_009
Satterwhite, Frank_OH11_010
Swain, Mary_OH11_011
Turner, Georgia_OH11_012



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