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Business at the Crossroads

Business at the Crossroads - Ogden City, is a project to collect oral histories related to changes in the Ogden business district since World War II.  From the 1870s to World War II, Ogden was a major railroad town and shipping and commerce hub. After World War II, the railroad business declined, but some government agencies and businesses related to the defense industry continued to gravitate to Ogden.

(To access hard copy/working files, take name and OH number to the Special Collections Department)


Business at the Crossroads - Ogden City Oral History Interviews


Aoki, David_OH12_001
Birch, Lue_OH12_002
Bradley, Evart_OH12_003
Ichida, Shinji_OH12_004
James, Nellie_OH12_005
Kingsford, Deane_OH12_006
Liu, Joseph _OH12_007
Loney, LaPriel _OH12_008
Lucas, Frank _OH12_009
Murphy, Edward _OH12_010
Ogan, Flora _OH12_011
Prantil, Joseph _OH12_012
Schlosser, Mike _OH12_013
Spurlock, Steve _OH12_014
Vogel, Carla_OH12_015
Vondrus, Carrie_OH12_016
Yannacone, Frank_OH12_017
Young, Gary_OH12_018
Zenger, Eric_OH12_019

Crandall, Ralph_OH12_020

Eggleston, DeLoss_OH12_021
Garside, Don_OH12_022
Moore, Willie_OH12_023
Nash, Michael_OH12_024
Summerill, Van_OH12_025
Tanner, John_OH12_026
Vance, Jayeson_OH12_027
VanLeeuwen, Scott_OH12_028



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