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Searching Google Scholar

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Google Scholar is Google's search engine focused on the more scholarly literature, including their Google Books collection and many journal citations. While Google Scholar may not be as comprehensive or as focused as some of the Stewart Library's article databases, it is better than using the main Google search page to find scholarly journal articles. It can also provide some information regarding how many times a particular journal article has been cited and by whom.

You can access full-text of many (but not all) of the articles listed in Google Scholar, but first you need to make sure that your computer is set up to recognize that you are affiliated with WSU.



Google Scholar Settings option

Scholar Library Links

Full-text @ My Library Link

Your computer is now set up to recognize that you are a WSU student and you will have access to more full-text articles. Look for the Full-Text @ My Library links or Resources @ My Library links.


Google Scholar results


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