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Electronic Journals, Magazines & Newspapers
  • To find articles in a journal, magazine, or newspaper, use the Article Databases page.  
  • Use this page to find electronic and print journals, magazines or newspapers owned by Stewart Library.
    • If you know the title words, in order, use the Title begins with search
    • If you know words from the title,  use the Title contains all words search
    • If you know the ISSN,  use the ISSN equals search

    • Be sure the date range covers the time you need
    • If the journal is available in print only, click on the link to find the call number and location in the library.

Search by Journal Title

Search By Journal Subject


  • Use your WSU student/faculty/staff user name and password for off-campus access.

  • Need help? Ask the Reference Desk
    • phone:    801-626-6415  -  toll free  877-306-3140,
    • chat:  Ask a Librarian -  click the link on the upper right of most Library pages.
    • email: Ask a Librarian  


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