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Hill Air Force Base Information Repository

Hill Air Force Base Environmental Restoration Program

The Information Repository is a collection of documents generated during the investigation and cleanup of chemical wastes at Hill Air Force Base, Utah.   It is available at Weber State University's Stewart Library, Ogden, Utah and at the WSU Davis Library in Layton, Utah. 

The Information Repository, or eRepository contains more than 350,000 pages and replaces environmental documents previously housed at the Davis County Library.  These original paper documents have also been moved to the Stewart Library, in the Government Documents collection.

The eRepository will not be available in its complete form over the internet.  The documents' large size makes downloading the files for viewing and printing impractical for the average home computer.  In addition, searching and indexing would not be available over the Internet.

The eRepository is fully indexed and searchable.  Once a document is located, the user can search for words or phrases within the document to locate specific information.  The documents are also electronically bookmarked from the Table of Contents, which means that the user can go directly to a particular portion of the document by clicking on the item in the table of contents. 

If you would like to see an index of all the documents contained in the Hill Air Force Base repository, visit e-repository information

Users can print all of part of a document for 5 cents per page.  They can also save the document to a Zip disk, USB, or recordable compact disk.  Most of the documents are too large to save on ordinary floppy disks.

EnviroNews - Hill Air Force Base, Summer 2001 contains more background information about the eRepository and environmental issues and activities at Hill Air Force Base, Utah.   Hill Air Force Base EnviroNews

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