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International Maps, Facts & Atlases
Atlas of the World - Encarta Online
CIA World Factbook
Countries A-Z -
Countries of the World - Maps, Human Rights, Justice
Country Profiles - ELDIS
Country  Flags, weather, people anthems, economy, defense, geography, maps 
Country Studies Area Handbook
HRW World Atlas - Includes good continent, country & sea floor maps & country information
Map Collection - Perry Castaneda Map Collection from the University of Texas at Austin, includes "many electronic versions of printed maps for all regions of the world, many of which are scanned CIA maps. Additionally, the historical maps section provides maps which are from the 19th and early 20th centuries and includes some covering time periods dating back to 980 C.E.. Links to many other sites with electronic maps are included."  
National Geographic Maps  Country Maps, Facts, Flags, News, map dealers, atlas plates, theme maps, street maps, historic maps, Wild World, Mars 
Oddens Bookmarks - over 15.500 Cartographic Links

Open Directory Project - Regional - Country Links

Outline Maps - From Education Place
Yahoo Travel
World Atlas  DHS International  "The Atlas of the World is a collection of world, continent, country, island, city maps and images."  DHS International  "The Atlas of the World is a collection of world, continent, country, island, city maps and images."
World Geography - Then & Now - State Dept. GLS - New Countries or name changes since 1990.
World Maps - Altapeida Online  physical and political maps for countries around the world. The site includes facts and statistics such as capital city, system of government, and estimated population figures. 
World Press Review World Map Connection - Good collection of United States and World maps and News & Views From Around the World
World Sites Atlas Maps, hotels, tourist information, weather, photos, links, news
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