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Printing, Saving, Emailing and Copying

Use the instructions below to print, save or email documents or images you have found on the Web.

To Save a Web page

  • Click on the File Menu at the top of the page
  • Click on Save as
  • Select the location by clicking on Save in box
  • Notice you can also choose whether to save the file as an HTML file, or as a plain text file. Saving as a plain text file, with the .txt extension, makes it easier to use again in a word processor.
  • Click on Save

To Print Documents from the Internet

  • Click on File on menu bar at top left of screen
  • click on Print Preview to see how long the document is and
    how it will look on the page. Notice you can Zoom to see page numbers the Print window will open
  • Note: if you want to print only page 2, in the print range box click on pages", then put in from:2 to: 2
  • click on OK

Note: When printing PDF files, use the printer icon that appears on the toolbar just above the document. If you use the File menu Print method, you may print out blank pages.

Printing in the library:

  • Students with Wildcards: The computers on the middle level of the library are connected to the Uniprint system as are the library laptop computers that are available for checkout. Every registered student receives $4.50 worth of printing money on their Wildcard at the beginning of the fall semester. This money can be used to print materials at the library's Uniprint station near the Reference desk. Additional money can be added at the Information Desk in the Student Union Building. Double-sided printing is available.
  • Faculty/Staff with Wildcards: To be able to print from the Uniprint station, you need to add money to your Wildcard at the Information Desk in the Student Union Building.
  • Users without Wildcards (or without money on their Wildcards): You can print from the computers on the middle level of the library. Print outs can be paid for and picked up at the Circulation Desk on the lower level. The cost is five cents per page in black and white, or fifteen cents per page in color.

To Save an Image

  • Place a disk in drive a: or connect a flash/USB/thumb drive to a USB port
  • Place your mouse cursor on the image you would like to save
  • Click your right mouse button once
  • A small pop up menu will appear
  • Click on save image as (near bottom of menu)
  • A regular Windows save as window will appear
  • Select the correct drive, then OK
  • Note: .GIF and .JPG are the most common image file types on the Web and can easily be reopened in any Web browser
  • You can reopen a saved image file in any web browser to print the image

To Email

To send an attachment or attached file as part of an Email message (These steps may differ slightly depending on the email program you're using)

  • Open your email program (Weber email, Yahoo, Gmail, etc.)
  • Compose a new message
  • Click on Attach, then File
  • Click on look in box to locate file to be attached
  • Click on the file to be sent
  • Click on Send


Stewart Library has multiple copy machines available for use. Copies cost five (5) cents each and the machines take cash or change. If necessary, ask for change at the Circulation Desk on the lower level of the library. The copy machine near the TV lounge on the middle level also works with money you have put on your Wildcard (Wildcat cash). Note: This copy machine does not work with Uniprint money that may be on your Wildcard--it must be money that you put on the card for additional purposes.

We do not have a color copier in the library, but we do have several scanners available that are connected to our color laser printer.

The Copy Center is now located in the Shepherd Union Building.

Updated March 5, 2009 . Please send comments to Megan Davis
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