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Research Guide: Currencies/Exchange Rates

Bloomberg Currency Calculator
" Lets you calculate exchange rates for more than 200 currencies."

Econofinance Currency Converter and Exchange Rates

CurrencyGuide Exchange Rates

IMF Representative Exchange Rates for Selected Currencies
These exchange rates are reported to the IMF by the issuing central bank, and are expressed in terms of currency units per U.S. dollar, with a few exceptions.

Currency Resources on the Net
A mega site for national and international currency information. Provides links to various currencies in alphabetical order and Web sites from many reputed organizations (ie. Bloomberg, CNN, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, CBS Market Watch, and Global Financial Data). A good site for exchange rates.

Triacom Historical Foreign Exchange Rates
Historical exchange rates for 19 currencies in a tabular form.

Currencies of the World
Provides information on symbol, subdivision, Regime, and the ISO-4217 code for currencies from different countries in an alphabetical order.

Yahoo Finance Currency Conversion

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