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Research Guide: Theses & Dissertations

In Print

The Weber State University Masters of Education Projects may be found in Stewart Library's General Collection and/or Special Collections. You may search for these projects by performing a series keyword search using the Online Catalog.


Dissertation Abstracts/Digital Dissertations Index, with abstracts, of most Ph.D. dissertations published in the U.S. Indexing from 1861 - present, abstracts from 1980 - present, updates monthly.  Longer summaries available since 1997.  (WSU Only)

Doctoral Research in Educational Technology: A Directory of Dissertations
A compilation of doctoral dissertations completed during the calendar years 1977 through 2004. The directory includes listings of each student's name, graduation year, dissertation title, institution, and chairperson.  Searchable by name, keyword, institution, chair, and year.

NDLTD (Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations)
Led by Virginia Tech, this site provides links to various universities with access to online theses and dissertations.

TheseNet: Catalogue Web des Th├Ęses Soutenues en France
Provides indexing and abstracts of doctoral dissertations granted in France.  Some abstracts are also provided in English as well as French. Searchable by author, date, granting institution, keyword, title, general subject area, and discipline within a subject. 

WVU Electronic Theses and Dissertations Project
Provides a list of links to other ETD sites.

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