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A small number of travel links appear below. There are many more links on most types of travel information available from the Google Directory: Travel

General Guides Online Travel Agencies Hotels and Lodging, Maps
Shopping for Travel Gear Planes, Trains, Cars & Boats Packing  and Other Tips


General Guides


Online Travel Agencies

The Stewart Library Maps & Atlases Research Guide may also be of use to travelers.

See more sites in the ACRL news article on "Travel"


Hotels and Lodging

Vacation Rentals & Swaps

Other options



Shopping For Travel Gear


Planes, Trains, Cars and Boats




Ferries & Cruises


Packing and Other Tips

In Print

Utah Atlas & Gazetteer   Reference Desk
Road Atlas & Trip Planner  Reference Desk        
Road Atlas United States, Canada, Mexico   Reference Desk

Many other useful items are available in the the Stewart Library collection. Even though the Stewart Library does not actively collect  travel guides or travel maps. Check the Stewart Library Catalog for items relating to specific destinations. The main branch of your local public library will probobly have the best collection of travel guides.

Use Amazon or Barnes & Noble to identify useful items and order them on Interlibrary Loan.

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