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Research Guide: Utah

In Print

(Found in the Reference area of the Stewart Library, main level.)  

Utah: A Guide to the State  Reference  F824.3.S36                                            
Utah History Encyclopedia  Reference F826.U856      
Utah Place Names  Reference Table 9A F824.V36
Utah Trivia  Reference F826.U894  
Weber County is Worth Knowing  Reference  F832.W3W3

Statistical Abstract of Utah  HA 661.S 723 
Most recent edition is located at the Reference Desk.

Utah Facts  HA 663.U82 Reference Table 3B
Discusses issues such as tax rates, utility costs, transportation, education systems, cost of living and quality of life. 

State & Local Government in Utah  JK 8425 1992.U8 
Contains a description of the structure, operation, function, and finances of state and local government in Utah - their departments, commissions and agencies.  


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