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Forwarding Wildcat Email
  • Many WSU faculty require students to have a Wildcat email address in order to easily send course related information.
  • Many students prefer to use email accounts they have set up prior to coming to WSU.
  • Follow the rules below to forward Wildcat email to another email account
  1. Open your Wildcat email in a web browser
  2. Once your email is open, look at the top center of your screen and click on the Options icon. This is a small square with two red checks in the top center of the screen. 
  3. Click on the tab Mailbox Management
  4. Click the Yes circle under Forward All New Messages. Type the email address you want to use in the Forward to box.
  5. Save and logout when finished
  6. Send yourself a message to your Wildcat email address to make sure it is forwarding your email successfully.

If you need technical help at any time, call WSU Tech Support at 626-7777. PLEASE call the Stewart Library Reference desk at 626-6415  or toll free at 1-877- 306-3140 if you have any other questions. You may also contact the library via our Chat service (located at top right of the library homepage) or use our Ask A Librarian email.


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