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Online Renewal

Automatically renew your loan from the Stewart Library web catalog by using the barcode on your wildcard.  From the catalog main page, select "View Your Account", log in using your barcode number, select "Items Out", select "Renew".  (NOTE:  this feature is not available┬áSundays between the hours of 1 a.m. and 1 p.m.)

If you don't have a WildCard, or if the automatic renewal option is not available, please call 626-6545.

What can be renewed, when, and for how long?

  • All items checked out in your name will be renewed by this request.
  • Items are allowed two renewals only.  
  • Items may be renewed prior to their due date, or if they are already overdue.
  • Each renewal period is an additional checkout length from the time of renewal (loan periods).

What can't be renewed?

  • Bound journals cannot be renewed.
  • Items requested by another patron cannot be renewed.
  • Reserve Items cannot be renewed

You may also renew items in person or by telephone (626-6545).

Updated July 14, 2009. Please send comments to Sandi Andrews.
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