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Current Periodicals and Microforms Collection

Location: (Periodicals) Stewart Library, Middle Level, South side.
Location: (Microforms) Stewart Library, Lower Level, North side.

Description: The current periodical collection includes:

    latest unbound or single issues of
    • magazines
    • journals
    • newsletters
    • and other periodicals

These materials are arranged by subject, using the LC system. Issues remain in the current periodicals area until there are enough issues received to form a bound volume. The single issues are then collected, sent to the bindery and entered into the General Collection on the Top Level.

    microforms (films and fiche)
    • periodicals (magazines, journals and newspapers arranged by LC classification)
    • government documents (arranged by SuDoc call number)
    • ERIC documents (arranged by ED number)

These materials are arranged as listed above and remain in the microforms area.

For assistance with collection, ask for help at the Circulation desk , or contact Reference.

Updated July 14, 2009 . Please send comments to Sandi Andrews
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