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Reference Collection

Location: Stewart Library, Middle level, North Side. There is also a small reference collection at the WSU Davis Library

Description: The reference collection is:

  • a rich source of materials for research
  • the best place for a student to begin a library and/or Internet research project.
  • a collection of books, databases and other material that offer:
    • definitions
    • general summaries
    • background information
    • statistics
    • facts, figures, photos and much more.
  • materials you "refer" to, so generally are not available to check out
  • resources used to point to other, more detailed information in other books or journals in the General Collection.

The reference collection includes:

  • Online reference materials (limited selection)
  • Reference books:
    • dictionaries (general and specialized)
    • encyclopedias (general and specialized)
    • handbooks, manuals, guidebooks
    • statistical abstracts
  • Periodical and other indexes:
  • Abstracts (periodical indexes with article summaries)
  • Maps and atlases

Use the Online Catalog to find out if the library owns a particlar reference resource, and where it is located.

Please contact Reference Services for assistance in using this collection.

Please make suggestions for additions to this collection to Wade Kotter.

Updated June 29 2004 . Please send comments to Wade Kotter
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