Bibliographic Services Department



Carts are first-in, first-out (FIFO).  Sometimes a single item will need to be processed immediately.  These items will be marked as RUSH and will be brought to your attention as a priority over all other items in the queue.  Otherwise, carts from Cataloging will be processed in numerical order (i.e., #1, #2...). 


This local procedure should be followed for all SPECIAL COLLECTIONS (Sp.Coll.) and ARCHIVES (ARCH) books:



1.  Paperback books need to be COVERED before labeling.  Collect all the paperback books and cover.

a.  Use pen to mark size of book onto paper backing of appropriately sized plastic covering.

b.  Using the cutter, cut plastic exactly on measurement line for height of book and about 1/2” short of width of measurement line for width of book. (Cut so that pre-separated strip for back cover is not cut off.)

c.  Remove just the pre-separated strip from plastic cover for back of book and apply with the exposed adhesive on the back cover toward opening of book.  Carefully peel off remainder of paper from plastic and using the tools firmly press plastic to cover removing air bubbles at the same time.

d.  Apply plastic to front cover with the softer strip covering the spine of the book.  Firmly press in place using the tools.

2.  PRINT out spine LABELS (call number).  In Horizon (under Cataloging-Item Record), access Batch Print Spine Label.  Use the barcode reader and scan in item barcodes for each item.  Edit as necessary—please refer to examples provided.  Trim excess off bottom of labels.  Affix labels to items:

a.  For books: bottom of label should be 1/2” from bottom of book.  Center label left and right on wide books.  For very skinny books, attach label to bottom left corner of front of book—about 1/2” in and 1/2” up.  For all other sizes center the label horizontally.

bFor Government Documents:  label should be affixed on top left of cover UNLESS the item is wide enough for the label to affix to spine in which case affix to bottom of spine like books.

cFor DVDs and VHS tapes: center yellow MEDIA tape section to very bottom of case.  Place spine label directly above MEDIA tape (no space between tape and label) on both DVDs and VHS tapes.  Put 3M tattle-tape security disc onto DVDs then stick a duplicate or copied barcode. ( Note: A copied barcode is produced by scanning the original barcode to produce a 2nd copy).  And then, add a spine label onto the DVD (unless it is a double-sided DVD in which case, nothing is to be affixed to the DVD).  Put VHS security strip on tapes and cover with blank tape label.  Put trimmed spine label and a duplicate (copied) barcode onto VHS tape over the blank tape label.

3.  Cover dust jackets with PROTECTIVE FILM.  (Wear protective gloves to avoid paper cuts from the very thin paper.)

a.  Spine label should already be on jacket.

b.  Remove dust jacket from book and lay on top of protective film.  Measure out length and mark paper on film.  Cut film 1/4" shorter than measured length.  Using the yardstick on the table and the bone tool to fold the top, insert the dust jacket into the protective film and tape in place.

c.  Put covered dust jacket back on book being sure to put right side up and not to tuck in blank sheets at front and back.

d.  Tape with filament tape holding cover in place while taping so it lies flat when book is closed.

4.  STAMP books using ‘Weber State University Library’ black ink stamp on ALL sides except spine.  If book is too thin to stamp outside, stamp inside the front cover on the title page being careful that the ink doesn’t smear.  Stamp periodicals with red ink PERIODICAL stamp.

5.  Put SECURITY STRIPS in books.  Place in between pages in center of book or tucked into spine when possible using the tool.  If spiral bound, or completely illustrated, place a trimmed security strip under the pocket.

6.  Put POCKET inside of back cover of books—try not to cover any important writing or illustrations.  Tip in a blank piece of paper (using a small amount of binding glue) to put pocket on if necessary.

7.  Put GIFT PLATE as required.  Follow the standard format for proper and precise print out. (i.e.  Gift of John Sillito, 2008.)  Print gift plate using the designated printer.  Sp.Coll. and ARCH gift plate uses a different paper than GNCL materials.  Sp. Coll. and ARCH gift plate is inserted with the book.  For GNCL, gift plate is affixed on the verso or the left hand page cover of the book.

8.  Place items that Joan has ordered onto a book cart and push into her office.

Place the rest of the items on a book cart and push down to Circulation Desk to be checked in and shelved.