:Bibliographic Services Department, Stewart Library:


05             RecS                          System supplied (i.e., n  for new record using Workform)

06             Type                          Mandatory (a for books)

07             Blvl                            Mandatory (“mfor Monograph/Item)

17             ELvl                          Mandatory (Encoding level; use “I for full level)

18             Desc                          Mandatory (use “afor Descriptive cataloging AACR2)




Ill                            Optional (if applicable use “ill.” for illustration)

Srce                        Mandatory (Source; use “d” for other;  Use to indicate that the source of the cataloging data is an organization other than a national bibliographic agency or a participant in a

                                cooperative  cataloging program).

DtSt                         Type of date/Publication Status (i.e., “s” means single date; as derived from 260 field)

Dates                       Mandatory (derived from 260 field)

Lang                        Mandatory (i.e., “eng for English language)

Ctry                         Country (required if applicable; i.e., – “utu” for Utah; see Country Codes list)


MARC     *Subfield                    Description

                  *(See MARC Field Help)

020                                               ISBN (input  if available)

040                                               Mandatory Cataloging Source (input “UUOfor Weber State University)

050/082                                         LC Classification/ Dewey Classification (ARCH/SC)

100                                               Main entry (if applicable, follow AACR2)

245                                               Title (see title page as prescribed source of information, Use AACR2)

250                                               Edition (if applicable)

260                                               Publication (follow AACR2)

300                                               Physical Description (follow AACR2)

500                                               General Note (Other Notes 501-505, see Marc Field Help)

599                                               FOR MATCH OVERLAY (See MARC 21 Bibliographic-Overlay Guidelines)

(Example: $a barcode $b BIB # $c Collection (Defaults Gen.Coll. ; mainly, you’ll work with SC and ARCH collections, so input “SC or ARCH”) $f Call# (Dewey) $t NC (non-circulating)


650                                           Subject Heading entry (Use LC Authority File); 650 is MANDATORY!  At least 2 subject headings should be in a record.  Do NOT Import into Horizon without

                                                 subject headings.  Record is not complete without Subject Headings.

700                                           Added entry; Optional (i.e., Personal name, Geographic Name, Corporate name, etc, See MARC Field Help)

945                                           Donor information (if applicable; Optional)

                 Follow Donor Statement Guidelines; make sure precise Gift Plate information will be printed in processing)

949                                           Item creation

(Example:  $b Barcode $c Collection (i.e., SC for Special Collections $d Call # (Dewey) $t NC (non-circulating)
***NOTEALWAYS perform Save (F4), VALIDATE (Shift+F5) and Check Spelling (F7).