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Costs of Services



Alumni Cards




Contact Alumni Relations (801- 626-7535) for information.

Blank CD’s $1.00 Each  
Community Cards


Per year

18 years and older

$10.00 Per year Senior Citizen (60+)


Per page

Local & National (no international faxing)



Per day, per item

Books & Selected Media
$2.00 Per day, per item Periodicals & Interlibrary Loan
$1.00 Per hour, per item Media & Reserve
Lost or Damaged Library Materials varies   Lost or Damaged
Microform printing $0.05 Per page  


Per page, per side

Black and White

$0.20 Per page, per side Color
Special Collections/
Archives Printing
$0.10 Per page  


Services can be paid for by cash, check, or Visa, MasterCard, and Discover Credit Cards.
Checks and Credit Cards accepted for amount of cost only.

Updated April 12, 2012. Please send comments to Sandi Andrews
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