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Finding Media

The Stewart Library  Media Collection includes: Video tapes, audio CD's, LP's and cassettes, and other mixed media.

Use the online catalog to find out which media items are available, on what subjects, and where they are located in Stewart Library.  You may search by any index without specifying a restriction, or you may restrict your search to items in the media format you want. To "limit" your search to media items:

  • Click on one of the media formats in the Limiting Fields at the bottom of the screen.
  • Select a search option at the top of the page (e.g. General Keyword, or Title Keyword)
  • Enter your search term(s) in the box to the right of the search option.
  • Click "Go"

It is sometimes useful to enter the word describing the media type you are looking for, such as "video", as a keyword in a general keyword search in the catalog.

After completing your search on the catalog, proceed to the Media/Reserve service desk and request your item(s) by item name and call number.

Also use the online catalogs to find media in other libraries in Utah and the world.

To purchase media from stores:

If you are in a rush, and can afford it, you may also try buying the item from a store.

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