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Book Delivery Request Form

Faculty and staff may use this process to request the delivery of books, theses and government documents from the collections of the Stewart Library.  To request the delivery of an article from the collections of the Stewart or WSU-Davis libraries, use the Stewart Library Interlibrary Loan system.  To request the delivery of a media item use the Media Delivery & Pickup Request form.

(Print this page for easy reference.)

Step 1.

Find the item(s) you want in the WSU Library's online catalog.

Step 2.
For each item to be delivered, click on the
Add to my list
    button beneath that item.
Step 3. When you have finished adding items to your list, go to the upper right corner of the page and click on "My List".

my listMy List - 0



Step 4. Go to the bottom of the "My List" page and click on envelop Email this list
Step 5.

In the "Subject" field enter your name, your Wildcat ID number, your campus extension, and the building abbreviation and number for the Departmental Administrative Office to which the item(s) will be delivered.   Enter the information in the order demonstrated below.  (Adjunct faculty:  Please include name of department.)

Name, WSU ID#, Extension, Bldg/RM No.
Step 6:
In the "Email to" field, enter:


  Email to:
Step 7:
Click on the Send button.  Print or save a copy of the confirmation page if so inclined.
Updated April 21, 2014 . Please send comments to Misty Allen.
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