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Delivery of Materials to Distance Learners

Our goal is to provide library services and resources equivalent to those provided to traditional students.

How do I qualify as an online or distance education learner?

  • To qualify for home delivery of printed library material, students must live over 50 miles from the Ogden or Davis campus.
  • Students must also be registered for online or distance education classes only.


I am a distance learner, how do I request material?

All requests for home delivery of library material are completed through the Stewart Library Interlibrary loan system.

  • Create a user account in our Interlibrary Loan System (ILLiad) and select Distance Ed as your status.
  • Enter a valid street mailing address into your account.  We can not deliver material to a P.O. box.
  • Fill out the appropriate request form (article or book) in ILLiad and click submit.


What can not be requested for home delivery?

  • Reference material (Copies of specific sections can be provided electronically).
  • Special Collections and Archives material (Copies of selected items can be provided electronically).
  • 2 hour in-library use only media.
  • Print reserve material.


I am not an online or distance learner, but I live closer to the Davis campus, can material be delivered there?

              Yes, completely fill out the Delivery from Stewart to Davis form.

Updated May 5, 2014 . Please send questions or comments to Misty Allen

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