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Access for All! - Internet Resources for People with Disabilities
Web Access Symbol (For people with disabilities)

"The power of the Web is in its universality. Access by everyone regardless of disability is an essential aspect."
Tim Berners-Lee, W3C Director and inventor of the World Wide Web

Lists of Links
  • Alpha One    A nonprofit organization by and for people with disabilities.
  • disAbility     Links of interest to people with disabilities and those who work with them.
  • BIOTN    Resource guide created and maintained by the  O'Keefe Library.
  • CODI      Information regarding education, computers, aging, assistive technology, etc.
  • Disability Links   Links relating to disability advocacy, support, resources, and more.
  • Disability Websites   Site maintained by the Western States Communication Association.
  • Empowerment Zone     Site to help individuals achieve self actualization and full citizenship.

Web Sites
  • AbilityInfo     For people that are studying and working in  the field of of disability
  • CripWorld     Information and marketing resource for the disability community
  • The Disability Network   An information highway for the disabled and their families.
  • DisabilityResources      Nonprofit organization that reviews and reports on disability resources.   
  • SATH      Society for the Advancement of Travelers with Handicaps.
  • WAI     Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) news, resources, guidelines, and more.

Web Accessibility
  • AccessEdu     Tools for creating accessible Web sites.
  • AWARE    Accessible Web Authoring Resources and Education.
  • UsableWeb     Human factors, user interface issues, and usable WWW design.
  • WebAble     Accessibility to advanced information systems and emerging technologies.
  • W3C      Consortia founded  to lead the World Wide Web to its full potential. 

Assistive/Adaptive Technology
  • Abledata     Site sponsored by the National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research.
  • Adobe    Helping people with visual disabilities access information in AdobeĀ® PDF.
  • ATA      Alliance for Technology Access to connect people with disabilities to technology tools..
  • CAST     Technology for all people, including those with disabilities.
  • CAT    The Center for Accessible Technology.
  • Half the Planet    Products and services for the adaptation community.
  • IBM     IBM Corporation's "special needs systems" web site.
  • Library of Congress    Library services for the blind and physically disabled.
  • Microsoft      A site to make computers a positive force in employment, education, and recreation.
  • NCAM     National Center for Accessible Media.
  • VATC      Virtual Assistive Technology Center.  

Advocacy and Support Groups


  • AAPD     American Association of People with Disabiliteis web site.
  • ADA Infonet      Source of technical assistance, training, and information. 
  • DALTCP     The Office of Disability, Aging and Long-Term Care Policy web site.
  • CCD    Consortia for Citizens with Disabilities web site.
  • NOD    National Organization on Disability web site.


  • AccessUtah   Services and information related to people with disabilities.
    UATP   Utah Assistive Technology Program (USU, Logan).
  • UCAT    Utah Center for Assistive Technology (Salt Lake City).
  • USOR      Utah State Office of Rehabilitation:  A Resource for Individuals with Disabilities.
  • Utah State Online Resources   Resource links for persons with disabilities.
  • WebAIM  Program which seeks to improve accessibility to online learning opportunities (USU, Logan).


  • WSUSSD    Weber State University's Services for Students with Disabilities.
Magazines, Newsletters and Newspapers
  • Ability      Magazine about the entertainment industry and emphazing personal achievement.
  • DeafLife     Magazine for  the Deaf, Hard of Hearing, and interpreter communities.
  • Mainsteam     Magazine that has been advocating disability rights for 20 years.
  • New Mobility     A popular, general interest monthly.
  • Open World      Quarterly published by the Advancement of Travel for the Handicapped.
  • Palaestra      Quarterly with a focus on sports, recreation and physical education.
  • Ragged Edge     The "feisty" magazine on disability politics.
  • Reach Out    A Web magazine and a "meeting place" for disabled persons.
  • WE     A "lifestyle magazine for people with disabilities."
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