Student Assistants Policies and Procedures


Welcome to the Stewart Library! We value the essential work that our student assistants provide every day. The WSU community is indebted to your commitment to learning, community engagement, and excellent service. 

Each department has their own specific training and policies and procedures, based on the work conducted in each area. The following are the policies and procedures common to all student assistants. They are intended to keep you safe and set clear expectations, so that you can thrive in your work. We are also committed to supporting your education, which is your primary role here at WSU, by providing a schedule that works with your course schedule. We also strive to provide high quality training and work experience that will enhance your education and provide essential skills for your future. 

My door is open, if you have any questions or concerns, or even want to chat about what it’s like to be a librarian. 

Wendy Holliday
Dean of the Library


Required Training

  • Attend a department orientation, arranged by your supervisor.

  • Paperwork Completed:

    • Career Service Form

    • Employment Application

    • Financial Aid Work-Study Certification Card

    • PAR

    • Human Resources and Payroll

    • Social Security Card.

  • Stewart Library Student Assistant General Policies and Procedures (this document). Read and sign.

  • WSU Driver’s Certification: Viewed and test passed.

  • Guidelines for Van (driver and/or non-driver).

  • Library Guided Tour: Library Administration Office; Departments; Mail Boxes; Lounge

  • Harassment and Discrimination Training completed (in-person or video)


Library-Wide Policies and Procedures

1. Work hours are based on the needs of the department. Student employees are allowed to work 20 hours per week. Students are not allowed to work more than their scheduled number of hours without approval. Your Supervisor’s approval is required for any change to a work schedule. Each department handles requests for schedule changes differently. Early notification makes this process much smoother for everyone.  

2. It is the student employee’s responsibility to clock in and clock out each time they come to work or leave work. Students must log in to the student portal and pull up the TAS app to log into the University Time and Attendance System. Students must clock in and out on the department's designated computer, with some exceptions depending on remote work. Students must write the clock in and clock out times on the departmental record sheets, if required by the department. The student’s time is managed and verified by the departmental timekeeper.

3. Student employees are expected to be at work when scheduled. If you are ill or otherwise detained, please notify your supervisor as soon as possible before your scheduled shift. See your department-specific policies for the specific procedure you should follow. 

4. Student employees who work 4 or more consecutive hours are required to take a 15 minute break. If a student works 6 hours consecutively, they are required to take a 15 minute break and an unpaid 30 minute lunch. If a student works 8 hours consecutively, the student is required to take two 15 minute breaks and an unpaid 30 minute lunch. Students may not work more than 8 hours a day. Breaks may not be combined or added to lunch. Breaks and lunch should be arranged with the supervisor on duty. 

5. Student employees are asked to dress appropriately and are required to wear shoes. 

6. While on duty, department work takes priority over personal interests. Please see your department-specific procedures for more details about these expectations for your specific position. 

7. Cell phones are not to be used while working except in case of emergencies. If you are driving the library’s campus vehicle for bookdrops/deliveries, you may take your cell phone in case you need to contact the library.

8. Student assistants are responsible for compliance with relevant WSU policies for student employees (PPM 6-13), as well as departmental policies that are based on work requirements in each unit.


Feedback and compliance

Getting timely and constructive feedback is an essential part of a positive work environment. We all make mistakes and learning from them is the mark of an exceptional employee. We are committed to our responsibility to provide you with constructive feedback focused on improvement and development. 

Student employee job performance will be evaluated after four months and periodically thereafter. You will receive constructive, formative feedback.  


Wage Increase Process

Student assistants can receive wage increases according to the schedule outlined below. Students must meet performance expectations to receive an increase. Supervisors must ensure that work expectations are clear and communicated in writing, discuss areas of improvement with the student employee, and document regular performance evaluations using the Stewart Library Student Assistant Performance Evaluation form.

  • 4 months: .25/hour maximum increase

  • 12 months: .25/hour maximum increase above any raise at 4 months

  • Each 12 months following first year: .50/hour maximum increase annually

Months are counted as months worked and do not include extended time not employed, such as summer. 


Approved 12/11/19