Information Literacy Competency Exam - LIBS 1504

Exam update - The LIBS 1504 Exam is currently not being offered during the summer and fall 2022 semesters; it is under assessment by the dean. If it is not listed in the class schedule, please see our Information Literacy Requirement page for a list of classes that will fulfill your general education core information literacy requirement (IL).


Each semester, on specific dates (see below), students may attempt to satisfy their Information Literacy General Education Core requirement (IL) by taking the LIBS 1504 competency exam - it is a "test out" option we offer to students. Students are given two attempts to pass the exam during each block. Please note that successful exams must satisfy rigorous criteria for evaluation, and they are not easy to pass. If you are taking the exam, it is assumed you already have the skills taught in the LIBS 1704 course, and you are familiar with the materials in the LIBS 1704: Information Navigator textbook (see About the Exam below). If you do not have these skills, there are other course options to fulfill the IL requirement. These options can be found on the Information Literacy Requirement page located on the library's website.

Please note - if you are graduating in the current semester, it is not recommended that you take the exam to fulfill your Information Literacy requirement. The LIBS 1704 class, or one of our other classes, is the safer option.



  • Sign up for the exam like you would for a course.  You will be signing up for LIBS 1504: Information Literacy Competency Exam (one credit hour). It is offered in blocks, so note which block you are signed up for.

  • You will have access to a Canvas Page with a link to a textbook (for review purposes), exam information and deadlines. The Canvas page will be available the first day of the term you are registered for.



  • For local students, testing will be offered in the Stewart Library's Testing Center located on the Ogden Campus - see WSU testing centers. You have one hour after closing to complete the exam.
  • Distance students, or local students that have concerns about using a testing center, will be using Proctorio. It is an online test monitoring service that WSU provides for free. Visit the WSU testing centers page for more information about Proctorio, and see below as well.
  • You are allowed 3 hours total to complete the exam - plan on giving yourself the full 3 hours to allow for any unexpected issues. Also, if you wait until the deadline to take it, last minute issues may arise, and you may miss the opportunity to take that attempt.
  • Take it as soon as possible!
  • No testing will be given during the week of the block.



  • You are allowed 3 hours total to take the exam, so plan on giving yourself 3 hours, just in case. If you are using a testing center, make sure to check their hours and days of operation.
  • Cell phones, pagers, or other personal electronic devices are not allowed to be used during testing.
  • If you leave the testing center during the exam, you will not be allowed to resume it, and it will count as one attempt. If you are using Proctorio and leave your computer, your exam attempt will be failed. Be sure to use the restroom prior to beginning the exam.
  • If you need special accommodations, click here to contact WSU’s Disability Services Office BEFORE you take the exam.



This exam is a competency exam covering the content that is covered in the one-credit hour course, LIBS 1704: Information Navigator.  This course covers the construct of information literacy and various components of the research process. For example:

  • using specific tools (e.g., article databases, online catalogs, Web search engines, etc.) to find specific types (primary, secondary, popular, scholarly, trade) and formats of information (books, articles, videos, web pages, etc.), and knowing the characteristics, strengths, and limitations of each
  • evaluating the quality of information you find and understanding the contextual nature of information quality
  • information ethics issues (e.g., copyright, plagiarism, fair use, etc.)
  • source documentation (creating APA and MLA style references) and attribution
  • the construct of information literacy and its importance and application to college, to the workplace, and in life
  • the iterative nature of the research process in both college and in life
  • scholarly communication as a conversation/how information evolves over time



  • Exam questions are based on what is taught in the LIBS 1704: Information Navigator course textbook. It is highly recommended that you read and understand the skills and concepts in this textbook before attempting the exam. It is difficult to pass the exam without a thorough understanding of the textbook.
  • The exam is 55 questions: 50 multiple choice questions (1 pt each), 3 short answer/essay questions (10 pts each), 2 in-depth multiple choice questions (10 pts each). The total score possible is 100.
  • A passing score is 73% or better (a 72.5% is rounded up to a 73%). If you receive between 70-72%, it will trigger an automatic blind grade review.
  • You have TWO attempts to pass the exam and there are deadlines for each attempt.  If you miss the first attempt deadline, you will only have one attempt left to pass the exam during the block. If you pass the first time, you are done with LIBS 1504 and have met WSU's IL requirement.  If you fail it the first time, you may retake the exam one more time.
  • Of those who took the exam both times, 82% improved their scores on the second try during fall 2019 1st block.
  • Take the exam as early in the block as you can, just in case life circumstances get in the way.
  • The essay portion of the exam takes approximately 5-7 working days to grade, so leave enough time for the exam coordinator to post grades.  
  • The exam is a C/NC exam. Credit, or no credit, does not affect your GPA.
  • Grades will be posted in Canvas. Click on "Grades" from the left hand menu in Canvas to view your score. 
  • No testing will be given during the last week of the block.



  • Proctorio is an online test monitoring service that WSU provides for free. It is an option for distance students, or local students that are concerned about using the testing center. It allows students to take the exam from home, or other location, as long as all the requirements are met. Policies for testers will remain consistent, within reason, between the physical testing centers and virtual testing with Proctorio. 

  • For information about Proctorio, how to set it up, and equipment requirements, see – 

  • In order to use Proctorio, you must have a computer, webcam, and a microphone - Proctorio Minimum System Requirements. If you do not have these items, see laptop checkout.

  • Exam attempts in Proctorio will be reviewed by WSU testing center staff within 48 hours.
  • If you need special accommodations, click here to contact Weber State University's Disability Services Office before you take the exam. 



  • Marie Richards, Information Literacy Exam Coordinator
  • Office: Stewart Library room 221 (second floor)
  • Phone: (801) 626-7068
  • Email: